In Which Duncan Horse has a Noble Tantrum

posted on Monday

Duncan with annoyance face

In recent days here at home…

Duncan Horse: My paddock is too small. It is too muddy. It is too icy. It is NOT RIGHT.

Mind you, it’s a paddock of quite a decent size, plenty of room to move. But it is indeed too muddy, too icy, and is missing a big chunk the middle between the tree cluster and the fenced-off sinkhole area.

Duncan Horse: I need to move my Lippie legs! Right NOW.

And I said to him, “Talk to Mother Nature.”

And Mother Nature said, “Ooh la la! I feel like more SNOW!”

Truly, Duncan hasn’t gone that long between any given rides. The pasture ground is in “no way” mode, but I’ve been taking him out on the road and stretching his legs and back out on the hills we’ve got here. Decent rides–long enough to loosen him up, put him in a correct frame, and enlarge his world with the idea of uphill and downhill lateral work…not to mention the sight-seeing.

(Duncan Horse interjects: That uphill/downhill lateral work  is HARD.)

But on this day, he’d had enough of the weather. It was just warm enough to turn the ice and snow to deep adobe mud, and just briskly breezy enough to go right up a horse’s…er, tail. And out I came to the barn with the bridle and my riding helmet in hand, dumping them in the hay stall to reach for the halter.

Duncan Horse: Let’s go! Let’s go! Now, now, NOW! I rattle the gate! I dance! Rattlerattle dance DEMAND!

Me: Oh, have some manners. *taps the side of the barn with the dressage whip*


Me: Ohhh-kay then. Maybe you should just get that out of your system. I’ll watch. Try not to injure yourself in this mud.


Me: *buffs nails*

Duncan Horse: FLING CHARGE STRUT NOBLE NOBLE NOBLE…wuf wuf wuf…hooves….mud…weigh one hundred pounds each…I…ummm… by any chance do you have a carrot? Would you like to kiss my nose now?

Me: Why, yes. *SMACKEROO* Shall we ride now?

Duncan Horse: Yes please. Can we…just…*wuf*…walk?


(No fling-buck piccies–alas, no camera that day. Just a dirty Lippie boy doing a bit of freestyle along the south paddock line–a nice bold trot with engine engaged and a nice little floaty trot.)

bold trot

floaty trot

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10 Responses to In Which Duncan Horse has a Noble Tantrum

  1. Laurie says:

    Poor DuncanHorse … wish I could transport you immediately to … uh, … shoot! I have no idea where. All 49 states in North America have SNOW. You are blankety-blank out of luck, m’boy. Perhaps Key West doesn’t have much snow (I hope!), but they don’t have much open space for you to frolic in, either. Unless you don’t mind dressing in flashy colors, wearing some conch shells, and prancing around Mallory Square (with a drink clutched in your teeth). ::grin:: Come to think of it, I’d LOVE to have a picture of that! (BTW, even in your mud costume, you look GRAND!!)

  2. Lorraine says:

    I can never get over what a handsome guy Duncan really is. Loved this post, too.

  3. Doranna says:


    You’re so right about the snow this year–it’s everywhere! We’re in New Mexico, the Tijeras Canyon of the Sandia Mountains.

    That’s not only his mud costume, that’s his winter furball costume. And to think I did some trimming around his jaw line in December! Not to mention he’s not really using his noble neck, he’s using his cursing neck. ;> But I love looking at him no matter what. 8)

  4. Doranna says:


    Oh, good–I’m glad you enjoyed the post! And Duncan will (when I tell him) accept the compliment with much dignity.

    Mr. Duncan looks fine for his going-on 19 years, I think. A bit of a dork here, but his movement…it’s always a joy to watch.

  5. Tori Lennox says:

    Poor put-upon DuncanHorse! *giggle*

  6. Heather says:

    LOVE the description of Duncan’s tantrum. I can almost close my eyes and picture it.

  7. Doranna says:

    Tori, he has felt quite put-upon by this weather indeed. The only thing I can say about it is that everyone else around here is a little agog at the weather, too! Snow, we get. Snow, snow, SNOW…not so much!

  8. Doranna says:

    Heather, I wish I’d gotten it on camera! OTOH *squints at sky* maybe there’ll be another chance…

  9. Kristine says:

    His new nickname–Dammit Duncan. Or Duncan Dammit, which has a Dickensian flavour to it.

    The scenery around your place is beautiful.

    ::mountain envy::

  10. Doranna says:

    Ahh, yes. Duncan Dammit. I like it.

    I’m glad you like the scenery. I adore it! So glad to be back out among it all…

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