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The Monday Post

energel pensThis is the second Monday in the new home!

On this Monday, the office is in minimal working condition–no stereo yet, boxes on floor diminished but present, no pictures hung.  Internet access still relies on ArroyoNet, a remarkably stable WIRELESS WIZARD WIN! as long as a certain wireless phone at the broadcast end isn’t being used.

On this Monday, Duncan Horse is one step closer to his first ride in his new place–the modest north flat now clear of machinery and introduced on a nice walk-in-hand.  He has also observed his large donkey neighbors up the road with much indignant strutting of his studly stuff, to which the donkeys said, “Got it, you’re a horse, yada yada yada.”

There is still a lot of mud.  Much of it is now on Duncan.

On this particular Monday, I get to start the week knowing that over the weekend, I not only unpacked things, drove out new routes to old places from this totally opposite approach to the city, beat up on non-functioning new appliances (marginal success, sigh), spread shavings and straw over the aforementioned mud,  and cleared the garage of some freecycle items, but I slammed through a huge chunk of the second pass through Demon Blade (the next Nocturne novel) and wuh!  Finished it!

The last couple of previous books, I worked second pass on directly on the computer…logistics made it more viable.  But this one hit hardcopy early, and it went everywhere with me.  To doctor’s offices, where long waits ensured work time.  To the vet’s–yes, even to the doggy ER on New Year’s Eve while I was waiting for the vet to return with ConneryBeagle’s x-rays.  On the road between the old house and the new, every time we drove over to check on progress, plan out the fence line, or try, once more, to figure out where the little barn would fit.  If I went, the battered manuscript pages went, too.

It’s been a busy and well-traveled book, yes it has.  Me, my customized clipboard, my stack of papers, and my Energel pens.  Purple or green, please.

Tomorrow I start putting changes into the laptop, and then it’s time to make sure all the threads hold together and all the little rough spots are polished.  And then I get to call it a BOOK!

I am almost inspired to cackle with glee.

(Ha!  Maybe I even did it!  You’ll never know!)

What’re you cackling about this week, out there?

ConneryBeagle Crate Countdown:

PS: WordPress spellchecker suggestion for “ConneryBeagle” = “anaerobically.”

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My books are SF/F, mystery, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. My dogs are Beagles, my home is the Southwest, and the horse wants a cookie!
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7 Responses to Drafting Demon Blade

  1. danelledrake says:

    As I am sitting her trying to connect to your blog…..my mind is having to work way too early on this day off….but I am on and loving your morning message. HAPPY FRESH FICTIONS VALENTINE’S DAY!

    • Doranna says:

      Danelle–gosh, I’m so sorry for the behind-the-scenes-fuss on the blog post! It’s pretty easy here, though…comment, get approved the first time, and then you’re approved forever more. 8) I suppose if the spam gets overwhelming I’ll go to captchas, but right now it’s not bad and akismet is my friend.

      Happy FF contest entry! Glad you enjoyed the post of the day. I suppose I’d best go check it over and see if it makes sense…I was pretty tired last night… ;>

  2. Valerie says:

    Hi, interesting blog you have here. I will have to come back more often and read through the posts. Unfortunately, I have to work full time and I don’t have much time for hanging out on the net. I always try to catch up at the weekends.

    The only thing I do find time for is READING BOOKS!!! My passion!!!


    • Doranna says:

      Valerie–I never could catch up with my favorite blogs either, until I finally recently started using RSS. (I’d tried it early, when it was still really clunky, and took a while to get back around to it–now it’s great!) That’s made it quite a bit easier, thank goodness! Not that I don’t still fall behind…

      Thanks for stopping by!

      PS gotcher contest entry. I had a feeling that was meant to be here!

  3. Valerie says:

    oops, forgot to say


  4. Karen H in NC says:

    As I read your blog, I recall the trials I went through moving from MI to NC. What a job that was…because when I made the move, I wasn’t sure I was going to stay. With a 9-month lease on an apartment and only half my stuff with me (the other half in storage in MI), I used that time to decide if NC was the place to spend my retirement. It was…so at the end of the apartment lease, I flew north, rented another UHaul truck, loaded up the stuff in storage and made a move from apartment & storage into my house. WHEW…made myself tired all over again! First thing I bought was a really good map and even after 9 years, I still need my map. It goes with me where ever I go with my route planned out before hand. Maybe I should invest in a TomTom….


    • Doranna says:

      Karen, that move sure sounds like an adventure, all right. We’ve done something of the same–have been here a year, an hour from here, and are now settling in on this side of the mountains. (NC is so very gorgeous–it’s no wonder you decided to stay!)

      I’ve been mapping up a storm on Google, but as it happens, a good plasticky-coated map is hanging around at the top of my list. 8)

      Gotcha entered in the Fresh Fiction contest!

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