Fiendishly Yours

Today I am all about the Fiendish.

*pause to go practice this face in front of the mirror*

Caught with evil in mind

Caught in earlier fiendishness, with Beagle looking over my shoulder…

Because the book is rockin’ and rollin’ on toward the BIG FINISH, and that means my muse is turned loose on my characters, and boy have I learned…it’s really best to give her just what she wants.

And what she wants is to explore the best in people, by seeing how they overcome the worst.  I know that’s not why everyone writes, and it’s not why every reads (it’s not always why I read or write, either, but it very often is).  But for this book, this moment…that’s where it’s at.

(Okay, plus the muse thinks the magic bits are really cool.)

What that means exactly for Devin and Natalie in Demon Blade isn’t quite clear yet, because I tend to discover these details as I go along.  I know the bad guy has them in a very difficult spot.  (Mwah ha ha!!)  I know he’s a very, very bad man indeed.  And I know that in order for them to get out of it, they’re going to have to overcome their personal demons…and to accept some unexpected consequences.

But in the meantime, my muse is rubbing her hands together in a rather wicked glee.  And Devin and Natalie are in for indeed, a difficult afternoon.

Did I say Mwah ha ha! yet?

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  1. DitN says:

    I think the mwa-ha-ha goes better while twirling a mustache. Maybe you could glue one on?

  2. Doranna says:


  3. DitN says:

    That would work. For full effect, need to photoshop Connery, too.

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