Mar 232019

In which the Red Horse Learns to Gear Down
by Doranna

Takota got his feet trimmed today, which was a pleasing occasion.  He arrived with ugly mismatched angles and quarter flares (in spite of one remedial trimming already behind him, but such fixes must be made gradually).  Now it’s 11 months later and his hooves have grown out healthy and strong; they’re holding their angles and showing no flare.  Very nice!

Takota Red Horse is an interesting enigma.  He really wants to be a good boy, but in so many ways, was never taught how.  Well, he was for sure taught that standing quietly for the farrier was a Good Boy Thing.  He demonstrated that quite ably today. Continue reading »

Mar 172019

In Which Takota Horse is Here
by Doranna
who is actually at AKC Agility Nationals today

So, some of you are wondering why I’m not writing about the stupendous gray unto white Lipizzan who still graces my bio page (and always will).  Some of you already know.  Either way, that’s a story for another day.  Some things are still too hard.

In the meantime, the paddock now holds a little red Kentucky Mountain Horse named Takota.  His name was originally Lakota, which didn’t sit perfectly with me, but since Takota means “friend to all” in the Lakota language (as much as my ignorant white person self can research), things worked out pretty well.

Takota is a lovely boy a soft eye and a sweet soul–a bright red chestnut with sooty overtones and a some rabicano roaning and chrome.  Continue reading »