Jul 132018

 By Patty Wilber

Chapter 15 of Callie’s Star is posted!

As you may know, my new Appaloosa ranch horse prospect, Lucy, is here!

She arrived two weeks ago. Thank-you Connie and Don for selling her to me and getting her from Canada to Montana and David for getting her to New Mexico from there.  I have only done a little of this and that with her so far, but I have still learned a few things about her!

She understands horse language and herd dynamics.  She was raised out on pasture with other horses and it shows.  When she first met the crowd over the fence, there were no dramatics.  She is still in a pen alone right now, but as soon as two horses head home, she will be out with LT and probably Atti. Yes, there is always a risk, but the horses seem so much easier to be around when they also have horse friends they can touch.

L to R: LT, Cannon, Atti anxious to meet Lucy. Cometa is in the background.

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Jul 062018

Chapter 13 Callie’s Star is posted

By Guest Blogger Kathy Davies (with rebuttals by Patty Wilber)

Kathy and Patty at Ghost Ranch

FYI, I am Patty’s younger, horse-clueless sister, here for a week-long visit.

Patty offered a riding experience.

The “lesson” started with grooming, so that went smoothly.  We brushed Cometa and Penny, while Patty saddled Atti.  Then Patty asked Maryanne (my 10 yr old daughter) to take Cometa out to the arena, with strict instructions: “Do not let him eat!”  Maryanne did not let him eat, and I told him repeatedly, “DO NOT eat!” Maryanne did a great job, and we held him in the middle of the arena, far from any tempting grass.

(Patty says: I am pretty sure I saw him eat once, but we will let that go.)

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May 042018

By Patty Wilber

We jetted to Oahu Friday and came back Tuesday.  What a fun visit! Not bad for a weekend jaunt!

Leilani is nine months old, and I taught her Patty Cake!  Fitting, I thought.

With all that plane time on Friday, I got Chapter 2 of Callie’s Star up to snuff and so today there are TWO posts!

We went on a movie tour at the Kualoa Ranch.

They have horses, so we had to visit those, of course!

Petting the horse!

Leilani fiding the fake horse!

Well, if you can’t ride the real one, why not the statue?

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Jan 122018

By Patty Wilber

In December, Jim and I went hiking in the Ojito Wilderness.  We accessed it via Cabezon Road and hiked the Hoodoo Trail (red dot and line)  over by Bernalillito Mesa.

The hoodoos are surreal, like being in a different dimension, but as far as horseback riding, it is a short trail.

So, Tuesday, us ladies in our big trucks (cuz we might be AARP age, but we are formidable, especially in a group) went on US 550 3.5 miles past San Ysidro to the gray road on the map. We went in the green gate and parked right there.  Then, we followed that gray road on horseback into the Ojito and saw a different side of it.

Marianne, Siri, Linda, and Lily.

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Dec 222017

By Patty Wilber

Merry Christmas from our barn to you!

Sydney (who used to lease Penny) is home from college (West Virginia!) for Christmas and she came out to ride, so I solicited her help for the annual Christmas Hats blog.  I added people and a garland this year, too.  Whoo!

When Sydney had Penny, they got along well, which is saying something as Penny tends to be a bit on the grumpy side.  (No wonder people like geldings…) Penny perked her ears when she saw Syd and was obviously happy to see her. (That made two of us.)

Penny and Sydney. Merry Christmas!

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Dec 012017

By Patty Wilber

This Thanksgiving, the whole clan on the Hannon side got together in California, and as a new Granny, it was, well, ESPECIALLY AWESOME.

I am not one that is normally drawn to babies, but since she is my grandbaby and my own baby girl is her mother, I guess a whole different set of emotions come into play.  I was, once again, (just like when she was first born and we went to Hawaii), very happy to sit still and hold that sweet thing!


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Aug 182017

By Patty Wilber

I went to a polo game while in Hawaii!  I had never been to a polo game.

It turns out all sorts of people, not just the horsey type, will come tailgate and hang out at a polo match!   At $12 per head.  Businesses also sponsor tables.  Too bad we couldn’t harness such interest for cow horse events.  Maybe if we have tents with tables, serve champagne and…add a tropical beach!

Polo has four players per team and each has a position, but if you are new to polo, it is not super obvious what the positions do.  The object of the game is to hit a ball through the goal.  If that occurs, the game restarts at the center and the teams switch which goal they are attacking.

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Jun 092017

By Patty Wilber

You know you’ve got it made when you have 24 hour barn help (even if they are dogs)!

Coulson: hurry up mom! the sun is up, me and lani have been out and back in and you are not on a horse yet! Me, mumbling: Need coffee…

Lani: ok! she is on the move. today we will lay in the arena for every horse. Coulson: great! everything is great!

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Feb 242017

By Patty Wilber

One morning this week.

One of the advantages of training horses is being outside a lot.  One of the advantages of living in New Mexico is the beautiful skies we have.  Just ask Georgia O’Keefe.  Of course, you will have to get in touch with her via someone who can talk to the dead.

Middle of the day.

Mid-day last Friday with Mary Ann and Siri. New Mexico has very dry air, which often means very clear vistas. I guess that is what makes the sky often seem so intensely blue here.


South from round pen.

South west from the back patio.






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Dec 302016

By Patty Wilber

Two thousand sixteen was a good horsey year.
Not a one of my charges put me on my ear!
I had some good colt starts with minimal drama,
and ended this year with the fun mustang, Mama.

We have a good group that lives here full-time,
and we wouldn’t even trade them for a truck load of dimes.
There’s Mojo the Fjord that belongs to the Shinnick’s.
I didn’t want boarders, but if they left I’d be heart-sick.

Roger on Mojo and Mary Ann on Cometa

We’ve got the old man, a real Spanish Barb,
he’s coming on 20 and is a bit of a lard
butt he’s calm and and he’s steady as he’s always been.
Mary Ann rides him, but it won’t keep him thin!

Cometa, summer 2016

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