Feb 182019

by Doranna

I promised you fiction…I bring you fiction!  Complete with introduction!  I anticipate posting twice a week, which should take five weeks to finish this story.  Starting with this wee introduction:

While I was finishing work on my final Sentinels book, I was invited to write this daily Featured Read for the Harlequin site–relationship-oriented as all the Nocturnes are.  And yes, with a bit of explicit spice because all Nocturnes have that, too.

It had to be under a certain number of words, divided into equal chapters, and complete unto itself. Also, because it ran the entire month of October, culminating on Halloween, it needed to touch on the season.

In the end (to maintain my own sanity) I wrote the story to the targeted word count, divided it, and created transitions as necessary.

The story itself was as magical in the writing as I could have hoped for–it had its own character and epic fantasy tone, and flowed readily from my brain. It’s one of my favorites now, and I won’t be surprised if it always is.


Samhain Heartsong

When Arlie Parker sang to the earth that winter solstice day, she didn’t expect it to shout back at her. Continue reading »