Apr 142019

In Which the Red Horse Would Liked to be Touched. No, nevermind.  Yes, touch. No, changed my mind…
Including the Twisty Lips Power Song

by Doranna

Sensitive red muzzle with ALL the whiskers!

Takota is a horse of phases.

Not surprising–he’s in a new situation, being asked to think in ways he hasn’t done before, and being asked to respect manners and boundaries that he shows no signs of previously encountering and no signs of accepting gracefully.

(As these are safety manners between horse and human, they’re not negotiable.) Continue reading »

Apr 072019

by Doranna

Benjy Beagle is a handsome elder statesman originally from West Virginia, where he spent his life in a hunting pack.  No one has to guess at this, although he came through the shelter system without identifying details–his freeze brands tell that tale. Continue reading »

Apr 032019

by Doranna

Samhain Heartsong is complete, and it feels weird that story posts aren’t going out on a schedule any more.

So then…what next?  So many choices!  So many decisions.  HELP ME!

Do you like the online fiction? 

If no, I really want to know.  I want to focus my blog time on things that people enjoy!

If yes…

  • Did you like the regular, frequent installments?
  • Or would you prefer a longer piece all at once, less frequently?

And if yes, what would you like to see? 

  • More short stories?
  • Available novel excerpts?
  • Random jots from work in progress that might not even show up in the finished product?  (This would take all my nerve, though.)
  • Something I’m not thinking of that you might like?

So, simple as that.


Mar 312019

by Doranna
(off running agility again this weekend!)

Connery puppy

Baby photo! CH CT MACH3 PACH Cedar Ridge Doubleoseven VCD2 GN RE MXC MJC MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX XF

Connery Beagle is FIFTEEN!

Unless you know Connery, it’s hard to understand our more or less unrelenting astonishment at this fact.

Never mind the multiple giant dog attacks when he was so young, the final one of which nearly took him out before he was even truly started.  Eighteen months of daily behavioral  and frequent physical rehab and he still bayed alarm at certain dogs and sounds, but was finally otherwise functional.

(In some ways, his near-total blindness has been a blessing.) Continue reading »

Mar 232019

In which the Red Horse Learns to Gear Down
by Doranna

Takota got his feet trimmed today, which was a pleasing occasion.  He arrived with ugly mismatched angles and quarter flares (in spite of one remedial trimming already behind him, but such fixes must be made gradually).  Now it’s 11 months later and his hooves have grown out healthy and strong; they’re holding their angles and showing no flare.  Very nice!

Takota Red Horse is an interesting enigma.  He really wants to be a good boy, but in so many ways, was never taught how.  Well, he was for sure taught that standing quietly for the farrier was a Good Boy Thing.  He demonstrated that quite ably today. Continue reading »

Mar 202019

by Doranna

All Samhain Heartsong Posts, Collected


Arlie asked Jaice’s mistress, “Can I see him?”

As if she was magnanimous, the woman responded with a languid series of taps. The dome enlarged, giving the woman room to glide away. The three remaining attendants repositioned themselves to block Arlie.

So she does have fears. Not that Arlie would ever get the Taser past those attendants. Continue reading »

Mar 182019

by Doranna

All Samhain Heartsong Posts, Collected


One foot in the arroyo, one foot on the crushed grasses of an unfamiliar landscape.

Arlie withdrew, making sure of the doorway.

She stepped again—going further, leaving only a lingering toe. Trying to maintain the strength of the song, lest it reflect the wild flutter of her heart.

No, that wasn’t the way to do it.

She withdrew. Closed her eyes, found her memories and her connection, both to this place of hers and to Jaice. She could not do this on nerves and fear. Continue reading »

Mar 172019

In Which Takota Horse is Here
by Doranna
who is actually at AKC Agility Nationals today

So, some of you are wondering why I’m not writing about the stupendous gray unto white Lipizzan who still graces my bio page (and always will).  Some of you already know.  Either way, that’s a story for another day.  Some things are still too hard.

In the meantime, the paddock now holds a little red Kentucky Mountain Horse named Takota.  His name was originally Lakota, which didn’t sit perfectly with me, but since Takota means “friend to all” in the Lakota language (as much as my ignorant white person self can research), things worked out pretty well.

Takota is a lovely boy a soft eye and a sweet soul–a bright red chestnut with sooty overtones and a some rabicano roaning and chrome.  Continue reading »

Mar 142019

by Doranna

All Samhain Heartsong Posts, Collected


Arlie touched him, all right. She touched him with her lips, with her hands, with the flutter of her lashes. She ran her tongue along his jaw, the seam of his mouth, the curve of his ear. She rolled with him over the blanket, soaking in the scent of his skin and the sound of his groans. She chose the moment to fit herself to him—and then waited for him to overcome the new flood of sensation before she began to move. His face was beautiful in its straining pleasure, his jaw tight and his brow drawn, his mouth as fierce as his need. Continue reading »

Mar 112019

by Doranna

All Samhain Heartsong Posts, Collected


“My use of the doorways.” Jaice repositioned their hands so hers nested within his, giving her opportunity to trace the lines of his palm. He tipped his head back, eyes closed, and made a visible effort to continue. “My skills are unhoned…I was noticed.”

She recognized, by now, the moments when he worked around those things he was forbidden to discuss.

More than forbidden. Controlled.

The reminder that any single individual had the strength and ability to control a man as strong as this one, as vital—

It turned her serious, her hand stilling against his. “But you’re here.” Continue reading »