Dart Beagle

Mar 262012

by Dart Beagle


Myrealname is D’Artagnan Beagle and that is because Iamdashing!

My realreal name is Albedo’s Charter Member TD OA OAJ CA, CGC but no one usesthat because bythetime they do, I amgone.

Sometimes mymommy says “DartDartDart!” almost as fast as I amgone, and then I hear her!

Sun NappingBut it isSPRING and sometimes I amnotmoving. See?  There is a picture.  In case you didnotbelieve me.

(Mymommy says Ishould learntotalk like this: One. Word. At. A Time.  Maybelater.)

Now there is SUNandWARMandWIND. Also the snowisgone if you don’tcount the glacier sheet atthebarn.  There is ajumpingchute set up inthesouthflat and we are playing agilityonit.

Also mymommy doesnotwear so many clothes when she takes us torunwith the bicycle!  And there areflowers.

Here are pictures!


Ready to Bike

Ready to Bike!











Now we have biked!











First Flowers

Here are the FIRST FLOWERS. They are Heron's Bill flowers. Soon I will pee on them.









Don’t youwish you wereME?




Feb 202012

Hello myname is DartBeagle and I liveheretoo and forsomereason mymommy (minemineminemine) always tellsme to slowdownandthinkbefore I LEAP.

I can’t think why shethinks Ineedtoslowdown.

The Important PartAlso, in order to meetme you should meet mymostimportantpart.


It is singular and by that I mean there is nothingelsetocompare but when peoplesayit I think they meansomethingdifferent.  I make sure Ikeepveryclosetrack of it.  Excuseme, it is timetocheck.

Yep.  Still there.

ConneryBeagle: I could be writing this blog!  BAWH!  I would do it better!

Belle Cardigan: be still i am cleaning your face!

Nevermind them, I am theimportantone rightnow.

Yep.  Still there.

Because mybrotherConnery is notwell, I have been doing morethings.  This is verygood!  mymommymineminemine is showing me how to always sit facing her for a thing called recall and how to sit straight-pretty for a thing called heel.  We are usingmybucket.  This is me and I amlookingearnest.

 Dart on the bucket

She is talkingabout rally obedience trials and maybe obedience if I canfigureout how to stand still for exam.  But that is veryhard because if someone touchesme, I want to curlupandWAG.

But mymommy hasbeenthinking very hard, and that usually means somethingnew will happen to help us learn.  She says that havingfun together is really the mostimportantpart, but I am not so sure.  She wouldunderstand if she had a singular part, too.

Hold on…

Yep.  Still there.