Jan 282021

By Patty Wilber

Over the past two weeks I have received a few surprise prizes!

The first was a gift card to Tractor Supply, a thank-you note, and mileage reimbursement (300 bucks!) from the Pecos Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen.  I had the highest number of volunteer trail hours in the club this year (97), for the first time ever!

We did a good job working trails (in the Pecos Wilderness, Dockweiler was cleared from Cave Creek to Rito Perro for the first time in a while!), while maintaining safe conditions!

I did not think to take pictures of those prizes, but here is a picture on Dockweiler from our Memorial Day 2020 project.

Dockweiler trail in the Pecos Wilderness.

The second was a random draw prize from the NM Paint Horse Club that included a thank-you note and a nice lead rope! Yes, 50 years in 2017, so 54 years in 2021!

The third was a thank-you note and a gift certificate to Starbucks from a Central New Mexico Community College colleague thanking me for one of the online classes I built (with incredible and continuing support from Heather) that the colleague is teaching this term.

The fourth was a thank-you note and a $25 check from the NM Buckskin Horse Association. 


All that outreach is sure appreciated!  I am grateful to be a part of all of those organizations!

As of this posting, I am in Colorado at No Where But Up, getting feedback on my training to improve my skills and the skills of all the horses entrusted to my care for potential shows for 2021!  (And visiting H!) Grateful for this opportunity as well!

Potential, because, well, COVID.

And more good things! NM COVID cases are declining and people at my college are starting to get vaccinated.  I hope my name comes up soon!  But even if I have to wait a bit longer, the more people that get vaccinated, the safer I will be, even before my first shot–because if they are vaccinated, they cannot transmit the virus to me!

Roll on everyone! And for now, I hope to see you all from a distance of at least six feet, at a horse show, very soon!

(Feb. 7! NM Buckskins, Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena.)



  13 Responses to “Stuff in the Mail (or Email)!”

  1. It’s all so confusing. Has there been any new information from the vaccine companies or scientists? I did some research on this recently hoping that being vaccinated meant that wearing masks and social distancing would end and that a person couldn’t transmit the virus after they’ve been vaccinated. But Pfizer and Moderna cited that their two new vaccines have the probability to prevent the person vaccinated from becoming severely sick with COVID-19, but does not prevent the vaccinated person from shedding/ spreading the virus if they’ve become infected and are asymptomatic. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2021/01/12/956051995/why-you-should-still-wear-a-mask-and-avoid-crowds-after-getting-the-covid-19-vac

    All I could find at CDC was that more research needs to be done and they are planning to use the people that have been vaccinated in a study to find out if vaccinated people can still spread the virus. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/hcp/faq.html

    • Lisa W, I work in a clinic at UNM, and our Executive Director send this out to all of us; maybe it will help you:

      Hopefully most of you who work on-site have started the COVID vaccine series (some providers and nursing staff should already have gotten their 2nd dose!). It may very well seem like you’re on your way to a more normal life, and hopefully that is a reality we are going to have later this year. But that reality is not here yet. It’s important the you keep your guard up – here are a few things for you to consider:

      “What’s safer to do once I’m vaccinated?” Experts say that your life shouldn’t change much. Things like trips to the grocery store will likely be safer, but vaccinated people should still wear masks and avoid large groups and indoor gatherings whenever possible. We are still waiting to see if vaccinated people can spread the virus to others. Also, data shows that a small fraction (about 5%) of vaccinated people will still get sick from COVID. In an informal survey of epidemiologists, over half said that they would wait until at least 70% of the population is vaccinated to change their behavior.

      “What’s safer to do once my friends and family are vaccinated?” If you and all of the people you want to see are vaccinated, it should be safer to socialize with them. However, being in large groups or traveling when there is no way to know if the people around you have been vaccinated will remain risky. This will likely be a very challenging part of this phase of post-vaccination for most of us – we will constantly be having to calculate which risks are reasonable and which ones are not.

      Many scientists think that at least 70% of people need to have immunity for the whole community to be protected. That figure is many months off, so it’s going to be while before we can safely do things in the community like eat at indoor restaurants or attend a party.

      It’s unlikely that when herd immunity is reached, COVID is going to disappear. The last things that we will be doing safely again are things like international travel and attending crowded events like concerts. And in the future, winter is probably going to be both flu and COVID season.

      Remember that for now, if you do make a choice to travel, you must also put into the calculation the quarantine time that will be required when you return and work this leave time out with your supervisor – including the impact on your job and your co-workers. I strongly encourage you to take all of the above into consideration – there is still considerable risk both to you and to those that you come into contact with in changing your behavior in response to being vaccinated at this time.

    • I read up on this and found that they do not know if the vaccines in use prevent transmission–more study is needed (but surely if the virus replication is way down due to the immune system success viral shedding would be reduced…) but one of the unapproved in this country (Novavax?) does greatly reduce transmission.

  2. Wow, happy mail indeed! And may Colorado be safe and successful!

    I’m with Lisa, though–the current info is that vaccinated persons can still shed the virus. But since they’re muuuuuch less apt to catch the virus and less apt to have a heavy viral load, it still makes a difference to us all. Hooray for that!

  3. Congratulations Patty! You absolutely deserve every good and wonderful thing to ever come your way!

  4. I got a surprise rope halter/leadrope set from Paint yesterday for Reserve HP W/T. 😀

  5. Still not able to get an appointment for vaccine here in CenTex, and screwed up vaccine delivery has made those with appointments scramble around to get to theirs (changes, changes)…so we’re sitting tight as much as possible. Can’t get curbside pickup at grocery–all the slots are always filled. So weekly exposure but very careful. Did manage to get the wildlife management report in yesterday (had to…there’s a hard deadline on that one.)

  6. I hope I get called relatively soon. It would be nice to teach in person once again.

    • We got on a wait-list when the “hub” county north of us finally bowed to public pressure to offer one. And yesterday we got the call that they had extra and could take us. So we got our cleaner clothes on and drove up to Killeen, found the community center (where I’d never been before, though I’d been to that intersection when no community center was there, before the Books a Million that used to be across the street closed and it turned into a thrift store.

      And yesterday we both got our first shot. Pfizer vaccine. Sore arm, not quite as sore as a tetanus shot today, and some tiredness, but that could’ve been coping with crazy-busy traffic for the first time in many months.

      If not for a hint on Twitter, I could easily have missed the phone call because it wasn’t a number I recognized and like everyone else we’ve been getting a rash of robocalls and other unwanted ones. But the person on Twitter said “Answer every call” and described getting an out-of-state unknown number call that turned out to be the call to come get their COVID shot. And lo–same thing happened to me.

      • Oh, hurrah! Glad you got your first! We’re still waiting but I did get a text and email that we’re processed far enough to be confirmed as “in line.” Sort of.

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