Jan 062021

By Patty Wilber

This will be an early post because we are heading south for a few days of trailer camping and trail riding in the Arizona desert where the temperatures are expected to be in the high 60’s and low 70’s. That will be nice!

Last year, I started off with a bunch of colt starts.  This January, I am stacked with four year old geldings.

Sombra, owned by Mary Ann.

You already know him. 14.1 gray mustang.  What you might not have known is that he has a Napoleon Complex and envisions himself as the herd boss.  Sorry, dude, 24-year-old Cometa still has that rank.  Granted, Cometa did obtain that rank at three when he was running 8,000 acres with a gelding band, and he kept it when he came here 21 years ago…He charged the older gelding we had, with teeth bared.  The older gelding hid behind the pony mare he was allegedly defending and stayed back there pretty much ever after.  

But back to Sombra.  Every time I get a new gelding, Sombra tries to dominate, over the gates   We have double latches and hinge fail-safes (baling twine) so that if a gate lifts off the hinges, the gate does not fall.

Sombra does not seem to have completely cowed the mares, except, oddly, Penny.  Penny talks a big game with the other girls and has totally bamboozled them, but if anyone actually tried standing up to her a few times in a row, she would back down.  Sombra is nothing if not persistent, so I guess he wore her down! They generally like each other, though.

One other thing about Sombra, besides his small-gelding-complex, is his Fabio hair.  He has enough mane for four horses (or 12 Appaloosas). When I was a kid (before I had horses) I thought this split down the middle, full mane on both sides, was normal! NOT!

Sombra has the hair!

Jack (of Hearts), owned by Sheryl.

I won’t actually have him much longer because he is about ready to go home.  He was a bit skittish as first, but in the pen with me, he now is sometimes a bit too in my pocket and I have to tell him to go away.  Riding-wise, he is has got walk, trot, lope, break at the poll, move hip, move shoulders, sideways, bridge, gate, trailer loads, can ride out on almost any sort of trail in a group or alone.  He is not a big fan of galloping hoards, but at about 50 rides, he is well on his way to being a solid citizen. I kind of want to keep him a bit longer, just because he is fun and darn cute!

Is he cute, or what?

Landon, owned by Nancy.

Landon has only just arrived. He had a few issues he was dealing with, but he seems to be over them and hopefully Show Pony will be in his job description!

This picture only hints at his cool coat pattern.

There it is!

He is walk, trot, loping without drama (but not with a show ring appearance, YET!  I mean, I just got him! The trail is calling his name as well!

Joey, owned by David.

Joey is even more of newbie than Landon!  He has been here three days at this writing. He was with other trainers in Washington State, but his owner, (the guy that hauled both Lucy and H from Canada for me) recently moved back to the Land of Enchantment (and sun), and so I get to play with this guy and find out what he is best at! 

Joey is a leopard Appaloosa. Pretty cool.

Look at that face! (And Sombra is in the background plotting his next attack!)

H (owned by me and Judith) is also a four year old gelding, but he is not on my daily training list since he is up with Cody! He is still pretty cool!


Cody and H at Appaloosa World. Photo by Kathryn Erikson.

Me and H camping in June. Photo by either Patty S. or Alicia R. at Rancho de Fe.

See you next week!




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  1. Sombra has My Little Pony hair!

  2. It is crazy hair!!

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