Nov 272020

By Patty Wilber

LT is home for the holidays!

We people usually go to California for a yearly family reunion, which includes a Thanksgiving feast, a Friday hike, and a Saturday chow down on dim sum.  But we ruled out travel to my parent’s house due to Covid.

Well, this is 2017, so missing some of the youngest members of the family, who were not yet born, but hey it is sort of like a “Hannon Clan Stock Photo”. We do this every year. And this particular hike was actually pretty easy, as opposed to the other “easy” year that involved steep terrain, off trail, and 8 miles. A classic “Hannon Death March” or a Wilber “No Pain, No Fun” event.

Then, we were going to have Maegan and the girls in from Hawaii, but Covid went crazy in NM, and lots of other places, so we decided to play it extra safe this year and avoid the airport crowds. We Zoomed instead.

Jim and I did not give up on celebrating! We went whole turkey (cause we had already purchased much of the feast before we all elected to cancel). We made stuffed turkey, home made pumpkin pie and homemade crust(!), mashed potatoes, fruktsoppa (Swedish dried fruit holiday treat from Jim’s family recipe, except I did not add the one cup of sugar), dill dip, chips, orange cranberry sauce, no green bean casserole, (which was an oversight) and yes on Brussel sprouts that we got at the last minute. They were not as fun to make without my mother to suggest the Italian dressing option and my brother and I to join forces to defeat that heresy (garlic, sea salt and olive oil, thank-you).

But back to LT! Jordyn is home until January as her classes at Colo State are online until the end of the term, and for the holidays, so LT gets to be here for duration!

Jordyn and LT were coming in after dark. I left the light on and gate open for them, and was planning to come out and visit for a a minute. But they drove in, in stealth mode, apparently, and no one, not us, not the dogs, heard them. Some security detail we have around here!

Jordyn put LT in the pen with the other five, and everyone said, “hey!” (or was that “neigh”? or “hay”?) and that was about it.

First morning home. We definitely have a variety of horse colors around here! Not pictured: red dun, light bay.

LT reestablished her friendship with Lucy (who currently has a sore foot– vet is hoping it is just a bruise– in case you were wondering about that boot). The two of them have always been a duo with LT in charge and Lucy her sidekick.

LT and Lucy’s hind end. Breeze (dark bay) and Sombra (gray) in the back ground.

We are happy to have her home for the Holidays! We have missed her.

She seems content as well!

Happy day after Thanksgiving everyone! We are very thankful for our amazing friends and family (who are also our friends)!


  6 Responses to “Home for the Holidays!”

  1. Can’t see Lucy’s boot–I hope her foot is already feeling better. Nice job on the safe Thanksgiving! We did pretty much the same (with a much less fancy but still nice feast).

    • Lucy seems to be better–no more strong pulse in the leg and limping has gone from clear head bobbing to imperceptible. I worry about her a lot, just in general, but this looks like it is resolving! I was really sad about not seeing the grandkids, but got happier when I saw some airports were awfully crowded, and I knew my family was not in that crowd!

  2. I love your multi-colored herd. If I had the facilities and the energy (or the money to hire some energetic helpers) I would love to have such a pretty mix. Matched herds are also lovely (OK–horses, in just about any combination of healthy ones, are beautiful to me…the “King Ranch red” ones we saw a lot of in my childhood, a guy who was raising palominos, a hitch of black Percherons or matched the matched bay Budweiser Clydesdales…but there’s something about the flickering of colors in movement, as they play in a pasture, that’s especially pretty to me.)

    We also had a very different T-day…with us it’s not blood family that shows up, but friends from across the years…but not this year. Even though I had canceled the usual big dinner early, we still had turkey, dressing, gravy, and two pies…reverting to the less healthy days of the first T-day dinners I did for us and another couple. We couldn’t have worked our way through the Fiesta Corn, green bean casserole, creamed spinach & mushroom casserole, and sweet-potato & apple saute anyway. I’ve now put up all the turkey meat but tonight’s last binge of turkey, dressing, gravy, the pies are gone (well, our son may not have eaten his half of the both pies yet…but he’s well over six feet and a string bean himself, so he can eat like three of me and not show it.)

    • I was really glad we did the Whole Turkey. It was fun having traditional left overs and it felt special, not like a normal run of the mill day.
      I laughed at “OK-horses, in…” because I am right there with you.
      Hopefully the vaccines will continue to look safe and effective and hopefully they will be available, as well.

  3. My friend has two horses that were abandon on her property, she has been feeding them they are rideable, she looking for homes for them who can she call or do thanks Elisia

    • Elisia–can you PM me? Where are you located? If you are in NM, I have ideas. If you are not in NM, I might have ideas.

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