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By Patty Wilber

Jack, who belongs to Sheryl L., is my latest colt start.  Thank-you Sheryl! Jack got his second set of shoes ever and his first set of hot shoes Thursday!

He was very good, even if he may not have been all that excited about the sizzling as the hot steel was laid on his hooves! 

I was excited he was getting shod because he has been mentally ready to go out on the trail for a week or so, and he needed a good set of shoes to do it.  I mean, we are talking hoof shredding Steep and Rocky around here.

Jack can be a bit tense about new occurrences in life, so I took a little bit of extra time with his early work to make sure he trusted me enough to let me push him through his worries, without blowing up.  I am so proud of how hard he is trying, and I love that his innate sweet personality leads him to doing his best and not towards pitching a fit.

Thursday was his 23rd ride and I hopped on, and took him right up the steep steps that some horses (and riders) find intimidating.  It really helped that Jack was with his mentor buddy, Leo (Maddie riding).  Jack not only can negotiate tough terrain, he can also walk, trot and lope out there. And he was willing to lead a good part of the way home.

It is true that he was a bit stumped by a small dip in the trail and he had to jump it (with a little hop, not a ginormous fly over).  He also is not 100% on board with riding solo, but no worries.  It was his second trail ride ever!

Who is that masked rider? Thanks Shelley for my cheery cherry red Appaloosa logo mask!! Jack stood well for the photo! Good boy!

He is very good with his foot placement and watches where he is going. Yes, sometimes he is watching a bit too closely to everything, everywhere, but that is partly because that is his nature and also because he is three and still in the Lookey Loo phase.

I find that the second and third months of training are a lot of fun because as the youngsters gain confidence and they can learn so much so fast!

  1. And now that we have good shoes, we can get out there and do some of that learning in the wide open!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Be kind. Be safe.







  5 Responses to “New Shoes and a Trail Ride”

  1. Jack is a cutie!

    (That’s a great mask–could not be more cheerful!)

  2. I see definite similarities with Ragtime…the white rump, black spot there, white tail coming out…and then Jack’s is black from halfway down. Now THAT is a decorative tail! Jack appears to have better-put-together legs than Rags, but for both all four reach the ground, which Rags tells me is the important thing.

    We’ve had a short ride 5 days in a row now–short because I’m older and creakier than you, and hadn’t ridden since early-mid October due to not being able to get the farrier here. But he was trimmed last week, had a few days to readjust his stride and the change in the angles, so it’s been every day “something.” Review of stuff he should know, new stuff, and quite a bit was my work on my own riding, with dh spotting whether my feet were level or the right one (the one with that tendency) was way long again. I’m getting better he says, but I still need a spotter because I can’t feel my left side as well as the right.

    Today I was able to stand up in the stirrups (English saddle, all-purpose) while he walked a short distance, with just a slight hold on one bit of mane. (I remember standing straight up as the horse I had then galloped almost the full length of that field, at least a quarter mile and probably more…boy, was that fun! Back when I was just thirty-five and still had balance.) Good Rags, to keep walking (but slower) while his rider made changes “up on top.” Tomorrow I should be back out in the field with him, letting him see the big open again.

    Your mask is both cheerful and effective! Best wishes for you and yours, the two-leggers and four-leggers alike.

    • Love the pics you sent of Rags! Glad you are up and riding. He seems like a very steady horse and darn cute as well. I have liked him a lot from the start!

      • Thanks. Glad you enjoyed them. I’m certainly enjoying him…he is steady and yet quick-walking. I really don’t enjoy at horse that plods…along…slowly…at a walk on normal surfaces. Rags has that “Let’s go somewhere” feel both heading out and coming back, which some steady-Eddy horses don’t. We went where he didn’t want to go the other day, and today it was like “Oh, that old thing? Not a problem” for the deer feeder bin.

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