Nov 132020

By Patty Wilber

Judith and I decided to send H up to Cody Crow No Where But Up Performance Horses in August because H, Mr. Cowy Son of Gun, needed more access to cows.

H started living in the barn, which he likes because he gets to talk to everyone that walks by.   But, he has a high play drive and a lot of energy (Labrador puppy on crack, I am told), so he also spends a lot of time outside, trying to mess with his neighbors.

Here, he was always out with bossy herd leaders and I think it kept his personality under wraps a bit!

Training went well, and Cody gave the thumbs up to taking H to Ft. Worth to the Appaloosa World in jr. working cow horse.  And what the heck, while we are there, ranch riding, ranch rail, ranch trail, too. We did not put him in reining or ranch reining, but he will be good at those in the future!

Cody and H had a really nice ride in the cow horse! H’s spins and stops have really come on under Cody’s tutelage, and down the fence H was never out of position.  It was very exciting!

Cody and H looking just great in the cow horse class. Picture by Appaloosa News

H is super competitive on a cow and he refused to be beat.  In this class, as they were circling right and then switching to circling the cow left, H knocked the cow asunder! He did not just bump it, he rolled it, and then stepped on it.

It was when the switched from circling left to circling right that H nailed the cow! Photo by Kathryn Erickson.

This is frowned upon.

But I am sure H, the bruiser, was pretty proud of himself. “i dominated!” he said. “isn’t the point to control the cow?”! They still ended up fourth and by only 0.5 points!

Cody rode H in the two ranch riding classes.  H was dialed in really well despite being only three, and not shown since a little training show in February. He pulled a 7th in one while missing a lead change and had one bobble in the other that cost him a place.  Cody did a great job of keeping the pressure off the horse, so H did not know he had any mistakes!

I rode in ranch rail pleasure because superhuman Cody had to run up to Oklahoma to the Quarter Horse show do some more ranch riding.  He made the finals!  There were something like 120 entries! Meanwhile I made the finals in ranch rail and got a place under one judge (yay!) but was 13th over all. H was really good. He did just what I asked of him!

Waiting for results after ranch rail, and, as always I look grim. Let’s call it game face? Really, I was having fun! Photo by Kathryn Erickson.

Then, Cody drove back from Oklahoma to Ft. Worth for ranch trail with the spotty crowd.  I did jr. ranch trail with H and Cody had two other entries, plus his sr. horse entries!  It is impressive to watch him get so much out of so many different horses!

In jr. ranch trail. Cody earned 5th with Lesla Andrew’s beautiful roan gelding, In Good Style, and 7th with Karin Troendle’s young mare TS Chloe (who has an eye catching color that defies description and changes somewhat every week–sort of a silvery roan)!  Very cool!

I got 8th and was really happy with our go.  I rode H quietly and smoothly, and he just tooled on through calm and happy.  On the other hand, if I had ridden a bit more aggressively we might have had a bit more pizazz and placed higher (or blown it altogether…)

Here is our go. Thank-you Shelley for asking Debbie to film it and thank-you Debbie for doing that!!

After ranch trail, we headed home and Shelley (who came with me and did ALL of the driving, including over night to get there–she is amazing!) said we needed to stop at this metal art place somewhere in Texas.

So we did! I bought a pink flamingo because it seemed like a fun and quirky way to celebrate a successful trip!  Shelley got me a purple-footed turtle!

The pink flamingo and the purple-footed turtle. I think the flamingo needs to go live a the arena, but he looks pretty good in the sunroom, too.

H is staying in Colorado with Cody for more cow horse training and Lucy and I are going to try to go visit (and work cows) in December.  In the meantime Lucy is entered in Christie’s Virtual Competitive Trail event for November (there is still time to enter!).  Here is one of Lucy’s videos (you know, so she doesn’t feel left out!). She did try to eat the trees on the way through but you can’t really tell!

Technically, H is for sale…but if he were to remain unsold… I predict some good results at next year’s Appaloosa World (and Lucy will have a go as well!)

Cody encouraged me to bring Lucy this year.  He was right.  I should have done it!

Already excited for next year!



  4 Responses to “H at the Appaloosa World Show 2020!”

  1. Love the flamingo!

    And wow, no need to have pushed that go, I think…from my non-cowpony perspective. It was relaxed and responsive and taught him the right things. Yay, congratulations!

  2. I love the way H and you worked together in that class–quiet and smooth is excellent. (And H-, you handsome fellow…there are cattle that just *beg* to be knocked down and stepped on…don’t feel bad about it…but save it for times when you’re outside and not in a show ring.)

  3. Thank-you re H. I felt like it was a nice vanilla ice cream run. Tasty but not fancy. I looked up my scores for that class and out of four judges I had a single 1/2 pt penalty. A very clean run! Also few demerits on my maneuver style but also only a few plusses–except one judge really liked him and gave us about 6 1/2+ credits.

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