Aug 132020

By Patty Wilber

Thursday, Lucy gave her first lesson her first ever time in a dressage saddle.

Of course, she was fine, except we did have to use a crop to get her to move forward a bit.

My friend Kathleen enjoyed riding her!

They walked and trotted.

They worked some cones. And they did some games with the bridge.

Lucy says, “i can’t believe she asked me to practically fall off the bridge like that.” “Um,” I say, “Pretty sure that one is on you, Luc!”

Friday, Me, Lucy and H are off to Colorado to work some cows with Cody Crow. 

In two weeks, assuming Covid numbers keep falling, I signed Lucy up for two shows (back to back) in Oklahoma.

All the ranch classes, plus working cow horse and steer daubing. I refrained from the rope race (musical chairs on horseback, with body slamming) but one day, when Lucy is older, I might enter that class!!

Steer daubing might get scratched as speed out of the box might not really be her thing, but I had fun with that event in the past with the amazing Tracy owned by Whispering Spirit Ranch.


Yes, the amazing Tracy.

The trip to Colorado is really for H.  Cody Crow has had wonderful success with H’s relative Mitch (also an amazing horse), and given that I think H is all that and a bag of chips, Judith and I have decided to give H the chance to light it up with the big boys.

H even got a bath in preparation, so look out world!


  4 Responses to “Lucy does a Lesson then off to Colorado”

  1. Dumb question department. In the pic of Tracy jumping, there appear to be parallel gray lines crossing her legs (one leg, anyway) from up under her belly and ending before the jump. The pic is small enough that I can’t tell for sure what they are.

    • All the marks on Tracy seem to be shadows or photo artifacts. That is the whitest horse I have ever known and she did not have any gray!

  2. Nice saddle. Is that yours? (Good girl, Lucy!) Did you work dressage stuff, or trail stuff? See how nosy I am!

    Brave to be riding in the heat. I’ve managed a few evenings, and will go back to mornings the moment it stays cool long enough to get in a ride without jerking my schedule around. Evenings have such a short window of opportunity, and it’s shared between yard chores, dog training, and the horsie!

    • That saddle belongs to the rider. We did walk trot and some trail obstacles!

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