Apr 102020

By Patty Wilber

I ordered my new Trails West Santa Fe trailer from J and B trailer in January and expected it to be here at the end of April.  Then  the SARS-COV-2 virus started running amok around the country, and I figured I would have to wait until fall, but the trailer got here last week!  It got bumped up in the production line, which was super lucky because right after this run, the factory shut down!

It has a side tack and “sleeping space”.

The “sleeping space” has a nice big window on the side and a screen door that rolls in. All the windows in the sleeping space open and it has a camper vent on top, as well.

We had to have a new hitch put in the truck and it was a little odd (but welcome) when Jim was greeted at the locked J&B Trailer gate by a guy in a mask and gloves (and regular clothes, too–he was not a streaker!) to take the truck.

We got the trailer home! I am afraid to drive it!  It is too pretty and I also need to learn to back it up. I can back up my bumper pull, no problem, but now I will need to learn to use my mirrors! 

I understand that learning new things helps stave off Alzheimer’s.  So, between all new technology I am mastering to teach and work from home (Skype, Zoom, Collaborate Ultra, Web Ex) and backing up and hitching up a gooseneck, I should be Alzheimer’s free for decades. 

Here are some of the trailer features.

It is high--the horses will really have to step up to get in–but great clearance for a couple of the roads we like to travel for camping! H, my guinea pig,  got in and out like a champ.

The side-tack has some nice things and the sleeping space is insulated and has electric that we can hook up.  The floor is NOT carpet but a nice faux wood that I can mop!

We will need to get a stove (Eureka two burner, propane) and a buddy heater to trick it out a little more. The buddy heater is made to be used indoors and the propane stove can be used indoors with adequate venting, which we do have. We will also get a carbon monoxide detector and we have a smoke detector already, along with a fire extinguisher. No running water. No shower.  No toilet. (But we do have a porta pot we could move from the pop-up.)

The horse part is big and airy and lined on the sides and floor.

The horses look good next to the trailer.  LOL.  I had good models.

Lucy checking out the side tack–“maybe i can get in here and find a treat!”

H looking like a shrimp again, but I swear he is not THAT shrimpy!

See? Now he looks ginormous. Perspective can be so deceiving!

We are looking forward the first big trip after the travel ban is lifted.  It might be a horse show in Colorado!  Or it might be a camping trip into the wilds of New Mexico! 

P.S Lucy got a new bridle! (I got bored and went shopping online. Next up on the ordering:  The stove and heater!)

Happy Friday! Stay safe!

  7 Responses to “The Trailer is Here!”

  1. There’s not lots of horse association news available, and I’m working on my Bits and Spurs column for May. Could I use about your new trailer? Something positive re Covid-19– your trailer arrived early? Thanks.

  2. How beeyootiful it is!

  3. Okay, this is a comment to ignore, because I’m testing something. And then I’m going to answer myself!

  4. Great that you got your new trailer on time! And it’s gorgeous. Now…why does H poop yellow poop, or is it the lighting?

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