Mar 272020

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  8 Responses to “H is home!”

  1. Ha ha ha! Penny will whip that boy into shape!

  2. How are you supposed to smell the plates to help ID pseudomonas? 😉

  3. Good for Penny! (Glad to see H is at home with you, but every young gelding benefits from the…gentle and kindly schooling of an alpha mare.

  4. I’ve read to avoid Motrin/ibuprofen if you have any COVID symptoms, that it aggravates them, possibly.

    Wonderful about H, and I can think of a few humans would could use time with a Penny.

    • That ibuprofen info has been debunked! Right on sending humans to be reminded how to act!

      • Oh good! I’d missed that. As one of the people for whom Tylenol might as well be M&Ms, I depend on Motrin.

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