Feb 142020

By Patty Wilber

Well, here is a bit of a run down on things:

  • H is still with Clay Hight, at Hight Performance Horses, getting some cow experience.  He even did ranch work and dragged some calves to the fire for a branding last week.  It took him a bit to get used to the smoke, but apparently he did well.  Thanks, Clay!

I am going down there next weekend and The Hight’s will haul him to a Quarter horse show at the end of the month just for experience.  (I am sure after meeting H, the AQHA folks will all be wanting an App!  🙂 )

I am looking forward to bringing H home near the end of March. I have some cow access lined up, including a back-up plan.  Now, I just need the weather to cooperate (see below).

  • Coco is loping (she has 24 times under saddle; first lope step on ride 21.) I get to keep her until the end of the month and if the weather will, um, cooperate (see below), she ought to be going reasonably well by then, for a greenie.

  • Birdie can be ridden (she has one actual ride, at a walk) and does not think aliens are going to suck her brains out anymore, at least most of time. She did a great job being ponied on the Back Country Horsemen ride on Saturday.  She was really calm and brave.  Her biggest problem was being tied to the trailer, around the corner (*gasp*, so far) from Penny.  It was for Birdie’s own good because Penny can be crabby if someone is in “her space”.


  • Lucy is learning to have a higher work rate and continues to get softer in the bridle.  Also, I am aiming at a lower head and snakier form on cattle. We have cattle work lined up for the weekend–one likely to be cancelled due to the uncooperative weather (yes, see below), but the other should work out. I love Lucy!


  • Penny has a slight anomaly on her right third eyelid that we are treating as pre-cancer, with an ointment.  One week on, one week off, repeat, then go in for a re-evaluation. It is not a ginormous tumor or anything, just an odd looking spot. I could have left it untreated, but this seemed like a reasonable way to go–try to take care of it early.  I have to use a cream on my skin to knock back the pre skin cancer, so why not something similar for the horse?


  • We had our first training ride for 2020 with Back Country Horsemen on Saturday, as mentioned, at the Gallisteo Basin Preserve. We had 17 (I think) riders and a couple ponied horses.  It was a nice group of people, even if all the horses did not behave perfectly.  (I was darn pleased with Birdie, though!  And Penny and Cometa.)

Cottonwood parking area at the Galisteo Basin Preserve. Easy, well marked trails that you do have to share with cyclists and hikers, but people were really nice. We only saw two sets of cyclists and both were super accommodating of the horses. The deep sand arroyo was a rolling temptation for some horses, but none succumbed, there.

  •  It was snowy and 4F, last Wednesday (2/5) morning, 50-60F Friday to Sunday (2/7-9), so the snow was mostly melted (none in view on the Galisteo ride), then Monday night (2/10) it started snowing again…And at 4 pm on Tuesday 2/11, we had around 10-12 inches and it looked like this:

And every single one of the pens has a nice shelter in it…Not one horse was inside. It was not windy, so was pretty pleasant, for 30F and snowing.

So, this is going to snow (hehehe) me down a bit…but, the refrain around here, to make ourselves feel better, is, “Well, we need the moisture!”

Here is what things looked like on Thursday. Some pretty scenes, if you don’t need to train horses.  The arena and round pen have sand and are not slick, but they are still under water. Sigh. We need the moisture!


  4 Responses to “Galisteo, Followed by More Snow”

  1. Love it!

  2. I really like the H- stories and seeing his picture. It’s partly his color–which shows a shallow attitude, no doubt. I just like the stronger contrast of dark and white than I do the more ‘pastel’ Appys. But all your blogs are interesting and your photos are great, too.

    • Thanks. I think H has something really special about him, in addition to his cool color! He is probably going to lighten up as he ages, but I like his color a lot as well and it was a factor when we bought him. I looked several very nice prospects that were solid in color and I really wanted color. Did you know that spotted appaloosas can now be registered as solid Pintos? heheheh.

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