Jan 102020

By Patty Wilber

My WW three horse bumper pull stock horse trailer is 15 this year.

2018, at the Cruces Basin Trail Head.

Labor Day, 2018, in the Manzanos. Indy and LT by the trailer.

It has been a great trailer and while it is no longer pretty (if it ever actually was), it is still good to haul down the highway or on a 4-wheel drive road to the wilderness.

But, I thought it might be ok to step up and get something a little bit fancier.

But not too much fancier.  And not too too much bigger.

I kinda wanted a Hot Shot–super durable, built to haul cattle…because…I dunno…I seem to favor tough over pretty.  Unfortunately, I also wanted some other horse and horse show friendly amenities along with the ability to go down a rough dirt road. The Hot Shot’s don’t really do fancier.

The Kingsbury Hot Shot loaded with six carrot loving mules!

That got me to the stock-combo trailers. They can go down the pavement or down the dirt and can haul other livestock as well, you know, just in case some cattle fall out of the sky onto my property and need a ride somewhere.

The stock-combos still have the open stock sides which I have never regretted having on my current trailer.  But also I can add an insulated sleeping area, an electrical hook-up, a side tack, and slant dividers.

A stock-combo style from an online ad.

The trailer I ended up picking has a horse part that is two feet longer than my current trailer, so a roomier ride for the animals–or we can cram in a extra one if we need to–which I actually did in my other smaller trailer one time…

I didn’t want a manger, as I want the horses to be able to put their heads down (and those imaginary cattle will do better in an open trailer).  I didn’t want a box (the box is the non-gooseneck part of the trailer) longer than 20 feet, either, but settled for 21.

I gave up some tack space and went for a side-tack instead of a mid-tack, because I can always add stuff into the sleeping quarters =”Tack Room” on the diagram. The mid-tack will have a swing-out saddle rack, a swing-out blanket bar, a water tank and as many added tack hooks as we can.  We put more tack hooks in the “bedroom”. You can check out the mid-tack configuration in this video.  The rest of the video shows a trailer that is nothing like mine!

Mine comes with carpet on the floor of the tack areas.  So pretty.  Ha.  There is NO WAY carpet would work for my muddy booted self and muddy pawed dogs.  We put linoleum in the sleeping area and will add area rugs we can take out and wash!  We put rubber on the midtack floor.  Something  we can easily clean!

I am worried no one will recognize me anymore, though!  My current trailer is kind of my trademark!

S’OK!  The new trailer will not be in until May or June!  So, I won’t get all big-trailer snooty until then! Or ever, really, because this trailer isn’t all that big and I traded out the mirror in the Tack Room for more tack hooks.

It is scary going bigger, but also exciting!!

  4 Responses to “Trailer Time”

  1. Patty, Exciting for you!
    1) you should expect the trailer to come with 16 inch, ten ply tires. Tell your dealer you want 16 ply (16 inch) tires ( 5 of them) the upgrade should not cost more than $ 200, including heavy duty rims, if you get them on the new trailer. The way you use your trailer, this will make all the difference in the world.
    2) don’t trade in your old trailer, you will always be glad you kept it.
    3) the front slant wall will not survive the front horse scraping its right legs on it, which will happen…particularly while driving on rough ( high country) roads. Your dealer will probably say OK, no problem,. But they will glue a thin worthless sheet of rubber to the wall as a solution. Instead, make Jim find a piece of used conveyor belting and glue/ bolt it to the wall. This works. D K

  2. Thanks DK–going to up grade the tires asap. The front wall already comes with the front wall “protection”, so we will see how that goes!!

  3. Wow, that is some fancy trailer you’re getting. Bet you’ll love it, esp. since you mix hauling to shows and hauling into rough country. I hope it’s everything you wanted.

    • Hi–Doranna alerted me to your comment! Sorry I missed it earlier! I am super excited about the trailer–I think it will be super useful and just what I wanted–dang it better be. I had fun putting on every single upgrade I wanted, including the 16 ply tires DK mentioned below! I will be super excited to see it and use it!! Now I just have to learn how to effectively back a goose-neck. I am decent at backing my current trailer, but I look out the back window! My friends Siri and Cheryl are both amazing trailer backers, so I can only hope to get as good!!

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