Jan 032020

By Patty Wilber

I hope you don’t cringe,
As the rhyming begins,
But here
is the year,
From the start to the fringe!

January was cold and there was lots of snow,
Training in snow makes progress quite slow.
The barn was still full of horses to ride.
Unfortunately, perhaps, the rides were outside!

February was quiet, for the most part,
Lucy worked cows with Ed for a start.
Atti tried to quit them and fall apart,
But soon she perked up and showed me some heart!

Yes, I am talking about you again, Ms. Atti!

In March, I started an equine calmers bloggy binge,
There are only a few types that rehinge the unhinged!
Down at the barn I had Sitka*, an Appy,
And Lucy and Elli were making me happy!

*Sitka was only here for a few weeks for an evaluation.  He is half brother to LT and Indy and I got along with him fabulously. I had a picture of him on a trail ride with BCH at Cerrillos, but I cannot find it. Indy was going to the Erickson’s to begin her new career as a broodmare in April (but she declined to participate in 2019, so hopefully she will feel like it in 2020) and I considered buying Sitka.  I resisted!  We have more than enough personal horses!  Really!

In April, BCH got a rollin’,
We did a bit of water training, at Golden.
Effie came in a for a 40 day tune up.
In Phoenix with Leilei, we got to catch up!
Lucy excelled at a show, all alone,
‘Cause Atti strained a front tendon, all on her own.

(by pretending she was a rope horse.  She would back into a “box” of her own creation between the water tank and the loafing shed and charge out at top speed!  She caught every imaginary steer!  She did this many times, all by herself, and ended up with a swelling in her front leg–not lame–just swollen. But we rested her for six weeks. Scared me!)

May brought Stella 
and I just gotta tellya,
Despite a late start (seven) she came right along,
And she went western pleasure like a heavenly song. (Which might be slightly over stating it, but she did like slow, low and rhythmic!)
Dancer, half sister to Effie, came to be sold,
And she found a new home (well that occurred in August) with a rider that’s bold!
We also packed boards up to 10,000 feet,
BCHing with Peter and Kingsburys just can’t be beat.

June had my Practical Trail Clinic, way up in Chama.
It was a blast! It was positive karma!
Atti was back and feeling swell,
At the Road Runner show, she and Lucy excelled!
I got to go camping with my women friends.
H arrived from Alberta right at the end! (Thank-you again David, Don, Connie and of course Heather, H’s breeder, for making that happen so seamlessly!)

July had more showing; Atti and Lucy did cows,
We got some nice pics and some people said, “Wows!”
Durango moved to a new home down the street,
and Sombra came in, and our crew he did meet.
My family came visiting and we travelled about,
Los Alamos and Valles Caldera, shout out!
We even went and got some logs cut.
Around here there’s no time to sit on one’s butt!


August had the Red Hot, where Janet cleaned house!
Atti got reserve and $500 dollas!
Then we went to Sweden and saw many sights.
I now want a “horse box” and who knows, I just might (actually doubtful due to the cost!)

In the Pecos we rode in month of September.
Amara was born, which we’ll always remember!
A group went to Longmont to go to a show,
A week later was State fair, at NM Expo, you know!
Then Atti went home, which was a true bummer,
Koh-Doh arrived, like the feeling of summer.

October, and my friend Ed passed away.
I still think about him many a day.
MA and I galloped the Pecos, and I think Ed would have smiled.
He knew how, on horseback, to cover some miles.

H went to a show and handled it well.
Lucy won prizes, which was, of course, swell.
We had a full tack room with just super people.
That was some great fun and we all were gleeful.

I gave a horse talk for JMHA
And Lucy packed gear for our elk hunt, yay!

November: Koh-Doh took to colt starting, top form,
So, we rode for some beer on a day it was warm!
We left in a snowstorm to go to Thanksgiving,
As always with family, the time was blue ribbon!
Sombra got measured and DNA tested,
And it looks like he’s Spanish, as we had guess-ed! (Final confirmation is not in yet, but he DNA groups with Rocky Mountain and Mountain Pleasure horses which are of Spanish ancestry!)

December is over, the year went so fast,
And it may be cliche, but it was a blast,
H got exposure, to his first cattle,
and like most things with him, there was nothing to battle (he hates getting his shoes nailed on, though, which is his only “vice”!)
Koh-doh, he finished his 90 days here,
He’s gone home to his Julia, who holds him quite dear!
We went back to the Islands for more granddaughter time,
And spend Christmas there, which our hearts found sublime!

It is now the New Year and I have a barn full of cool steeds.
I have some new colts starts that will soon do some great deeds!
As always, I wish you good times and good cheer,
and positive vibes for this wonderful year!

Thank-you for making it to the fringe!!!  A lot happens in a year!!

  5 Responses to “2019 in Review and Happy 2020!”

  1. What a great year! Thanks for sharing these memories and pictures. Can’t wait to see you all this summer for more traveling about!

  2. loved the verses. Happy New Year.
    Hope you had a fun time in Hawaii enjoying grandchildren. Ann

  3. Wonderful, as ever! (The adventures and the yearly post!)

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