Dec 202019

By Patty Wilber

I was going to pass on the Annual Christmas Hats Blog, but I had a request, so what could I do?  Also, we are now in Hawaii so I figured I could get this blog written before we left!

We have four Appaloosas, two Spanish types and just sent Koh-Doh home.  He is a tobiano that was rescued from a kill pen in South Dakota and I think he has some Spanish characteristics, so he can be in the Spanish category!

Appy Navidad!!

Penny: “i just want to note that i have been subjected to this silliness for something like 10 years now! but in the big scheme of things, i suppose it could be worse!  appy christmas!

LT is a very good sport about this!  


The Canadian imports, H and Lucy say, “appy christmas, and check out the “Stronger Beer” video mom saw on connie’s facebook page, eh!”


This one below starts off a little dry, but gets funnier…

The Spanish Boys say, “Feliz Navidad!”

Sombra says, “i think the tousled look is a good one for me! feliz navidad!”


Cometa says, “could you put the 2017 picture in for me? the young whipper snapper is stealing the show, here!” LT is supervising. “maybe put up your ears, old man!” she says.


Cometa says, “that one is much better. it shows my blue eye! feliz navidad!”

Koh-Doh finished his 90 days of training and he went home the 15th.  I did not cry.  I almost cried.  But, he has a wonderful owner that thinks the world of him, and who graciously agreed to pose for Christmas Hats pictures! Feliz Navidad!

Julia and Koh-Doh! Koh-Doh says, “another ‘fun’ thing i get to do here! fortunately, i kind of like all this attention! personally i think patty could have taken a few MORE shots of me and gotten one with my ears all the way up!” Patty replies, “You are darn cute, no matter what, K. And this is a nice shot of Julia!”

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and Mele Kalikimaka (because we are soaking up the sun in the tropics right now!)

And if Christmas is not your thing, Happy Holidays!



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