Nov 222019

By Patty Wilber

Last Friday I wanted to take Koh-Doh for his 20th day under saddle to the Sandia Mountains and do the Cienega Trail loop, but I had guys welding at the house and this was disconcerting to a couple of the horses, so I figured it was better not to take him on his first solo trailer ride with me to meet some new horses and do his first group trail ride. (I took Lucy.)

Every now and then I display good sense.

So, instead, on Saturday afternoon, we did ride 21. Mary Ann came over and she, Jim and I rode from our house to Ale Republic Brewery and had beer and snacks!

Koh-Doh loaded with his first “accessories”–cantle pack and a coat! He appears to be very bothered. Not.

At first (for about 200 yards), Koh-Doh was a little stiff and jiggy. Then he found a good spot behind Rosebud and ahead of Cometa, and pretty much just tooled along.

It was an hour and 15 minutes each way with some nice smooth ground where we trotted and some very rocky spots where he had to watch where he was going. He went everywhere at whatever gait I asked like it was something he does all the time. (Ok!  There was that one little buck, but I think he got whacked by a branch.)

We also encountered several cyclists and hikers.  Koh-Doh was not 100% keen on them, but with Rosebud and Cometa as steadying influences, he managed quite well!

Once we made it to the Gutierrez Canyon trailhead (which is right next to the Ale Republic Brewery), both he and Rosebud got a little anxious, but when we got everyone tied to the hitching post, together, they all relaxed.

Koh-Doh center; Rosebud right. This is a nice solid hitching post at the trailhead!

Us people each got a beer and came to the outdoor seating area where we could see the horses and also listen to a band.  Who knew there would be outdoor seating and an outdoor band at 3 pm on a mid November day!?

Mary Ann and me. Beer and a band!!

We drank our beers and split some tasty nachos and a quesadilla between the three of us.

Then we added some layers for warmth for the ride home, and headed out.

Getting ready to head home.

Gotta love colt starting when you can go get a beer as one of your training days!

We got home just at dusk.  Perfect timing. Good people, good horses, good times!

Thanks, Jim Wilber for most of the pictures!


  5 Responses to “Beer Run”

  1. Once Lee recovers from his broken clavicle, you’ll have to come riding with us. I ride a horse, he rides his mountain bike. It’s a great way to train horses to accept bikes on the trails! -Christy

  2. Ahhh, such cool adventures–as ever!

  3. I love that ride. Such fun to hitch up and enjoy some beer and food. And the band was a bonus!
    Are Rosebud and Koh-Doh related? Does MaryAnn still ride Tulip?

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