Oct 042019

By Patty Wilber

Every once in a while something comes up that is more interesting than horses. Like grandbabies!

But don’t forget the Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance Fundraiser tomorrow night at 6pm at the Edgewood Community Center!  Silent auction!  Door Prizes! Food! Info on mustangs and a talk by me!

Still in the hospital. About 14 hours old

Amara Kolea Ruggles was born 9/26/19, just after midnight, and we were in Hawaii less than 24 hours later to meet her.  The timing was just lucky–she was due 9/18 and we thought we’d be visiting a baby that was a couple of weeks old!

When Maegan and Mark were born, I was sore and tired afterwards.  Maegan, in contrast, is apparently super woman, and was raring to go as soon as we left the hospital 12/27 in the afternoon. (Yes, that is still less than 24 hours after Amara was born!)

During our four day (9/27 to 10/1) stay, we went to an Octoberfest, where big sister Leilani got her face painted.  She was fascinated by the face painters and held very still while hers was being done!

We went out to dinner twice and saw a polo match.  Two year old Leilani loves horses! Yay!

Leilani holding baby sister at the polo match. Don’t let that darling smile fool you. Leilei swiped Rick’s keys and put them in Maegan’s car, leaving Rick and me stranded at the Polo grounds, for a bit.

Polo looks fun!  I may try a polo lesson next time I am there. I talked to a guy who does that, so I know who to call.    

We went to the beach everyday, which is just a five minute walk from their house!

Dad and daughter (Jim and Maegan) followed by Dad and daughter (Rick and Leilani) on the way to the beach!

Grampz has the touch, even though Amara appears to be scrunching up her face in this shot!

Leilani, me and Meagan.

Me, Supermom, and Amara!

Maegan and Amara went to most those places with us, and Amara ate, slept and yes, pooped, her way through all of them.  The activity agreed with her as she gained 13 oz in her first six days of life (7 lb 2 oz to 7 lb 15 oz)!

It was fun watching her begin to “unfold” and plump up in just a few days–just add water–or in this case, milk.

We will see them soon at Thanksgiving in California, and again when we return to Hawaii around Christmas time!

Can’t wait!


ONE MORE THING. I am giving a Beginning Trail clinic Oct 13th at 9am. Contact Cheryl Pozzi via FB  to register. https://www.facebook.com/cheryl.pozzi.7



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