Sep 052019

By Patty Wilber

Fall term at Central New Mexico Community College started this week, but that is no reason to put the horses on hold!

I got almost everything prepared for the start of the term before we left for Sweden, so all I really had to deal with was printing my most current class lists, reviewing my first day material and wondering why I still get first day jitters after all this time teaching!

All my classes went well!

But enough of that!  Let’s go to a horse show or two!

A little NM contingent is headed to Colorado for an Appaloosa show, and it looks like Jordyn might come down from college in Ft. Collins, for the ranch horse classes!

There are bunches of things that need to be done to get ready, besides the entries, stall reservations and hotel!

Last week Dr. Bowman drew blood on Atti for the Coggins Test to show she was negative for Equine Infectious Anemia.  The other two horses I am hauling already had that done.  This is needed for travel out of state.

On Tuesday, Naomi put new shoes on Atti and Lucy (aluminum on the fronts for both and sliders for Lucy.)

Sliders are wide shoes that go on the back feet to help horses slide when they do sliding stops, not that Lucy is putting them to good consistent use, yet.  The aluminum shoes are a bit lighter and allow a little faster foot movement, which can be helpful for working cows and spins for reining.  We have a ways to go on the spins with Lucy, as well, but both horses did well with their cow work on Monday at Ed Krausses!

On Wednesday, the livestock inspector issued “Hauling Papers”, or more officially, “Horse Transport Permits” for three horses here at the house, one of whom is going. These are needed for travel out of the livestock district with in the state, out of the state and also for the state fair, which is next week and happens to be in my livestock district.

This what a New Mexico NMLB travel permit looks like.

Also on Wednesday, Dr. Bobbitt came to do “72 hour” health certifications to verify the horses are healthy for interstate travel and do not have vesicular stomatitis.  Normally “health certs” are valid for 30 days, but with the VS, they have to be done within 72 hours of travel. Colorado has been hardest hit with VS: 609 affected premises.  New Mexico had 76.  

Also on Wednesday, Judith delivered her big trailer and I started packing it right after our Back Country Horsemen meeting.

Finished that up packing Thursday night and we will hit the road at O dark thirty Friday!

We will get back Monday, just in time for me to go teach my class, and then we have State Fair later in the week.  Fortunately, the fair grounds are 15 miles from our house.  The plan is arrive Thursday, go teach, come back in the evening then show Friday and Saturday. Halter is on Tuesday but not sure we can make that work!

In other news, H is getting started under saddle and so far, he is super laid back.  

H. A pretty cool dude!

Ride 5: Saddled, went out the gate, got on, rode up the driveway, up the steep trail with railroad tie steps and around the hill. H was relaxed about everything. And here I was initially thinking he was going to be a live wire. Nope. He is easy peasy so far! Love it!

Sombra, the mustang, can tie, be ponied, and is getting pretty close to being ready to have his feet trimmed.

Mary Ann on Cometa ponying Sombra out on the trail. Sombra really seems to like going out with his pen mate, Cometa. (They have their own Spanish Boys Club.) I am on Atti, not H for this ride, even though both H and Sombra’s pictures were taken on the same day.

Don’t forget to Mark Your Calendars for the Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance Fundraiser where yours truly will be giving a talk Oct 5th at the Edgewood Community Center.  $25!  Tax deductible!  Food, silent auction, other horse people! It will be the weekend after I get back from a flash trip to Hawaii where we will get to meet my soon to be born new grandbaby!!!  Maybe the talk will just pictures of her!  Just kidding.  It will be about horses!


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  1. Getting my Health Cert tonight, driving up tomorrow! See you guys in CO.

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