Jun 212019

By Patty Wilber

Last week, a few days after I finished the Road Runner Show, I went to The Santa Fe National Forest, Resumidero Campground, for a horse camping trip with some friends!

Off the State Highway 96, there is about 11 miles of good gravel road to get there, and “there” is a gorgeous, large meadow with new vault toilets.  There is no developed water, but there were two streams near our campsite.  Those do not always have water, but they were quite nice this time!

Our campsite on Wednesday night–we had the whole place to ourselves. Our horses were highlined in the trees to the right.

On Wednesday night, we had the place to ourselves, but on Thursday, the big RV’s started rolling in, along with music and a generator, so not as serene, but it still was a good place to camp!

The riding was plentiful and fun!

You can see some of the trails on this map.

The first afternoon we went up the Vega Redonda trail to a very scenic meadow at close to 10,000 feet.  We saw one cow elk up there! That trail had not yet been cleared and LT was not too excited about all the bushwhacking.

Linda and Lily at the lower end of the big meadow on Vega Redonda.

The next day, we took the Corralitos trail to the Cecilia Creek Trail, which had been cleared almost all the way to the Continental Divide Trail by Dan Key’s Back Country Horseman’s Chapter. But the last uncleared part (at about five miles in) was very overgrown and the trail was not easy to find, so we took that as a sign to turn back.

Siri and Remington on Corralitos. I made her stop to have her picture taken because it was so pretty!

Siri has really mastered her GPS.  This allowed us to try to find the not-so-obvious trail, and kept us from being a sad story of lost in the woods on the way back.  So nice.  So nice in fact, that I went shopping for a GPS.

Siri GPSing. No telling what I am doing! This is near the junction of the Corralitos and Cecilia Creek trails. Photo by Patty S.

I did not buy one.  I decided I needed to do some more research on GPS vs. apps for my phone…but if I go the phone route, I probably need to buy a new phone with more memory (and a new camera…).

Lunch on Day 2. Siri kept us entertained!

Patty S. took a picture of LT!

The last day, we rode down the gravel road (93) and saw the falls–very pretty!  And then we rode on a series of old roads that were very pleasant. We covered about 10 miles and also saw a deer. We thought about making a loop back to Vega Redonda, but decided it was a bit too far and we were pretty sure the trail would have had a good amount of deadfall on it, so we stayed on the old roads.

Mary Ann on our last day’s ride! Patty is behind her and I think that may be Linda in the back.

I would give a thumbs up for Resumidero, midweek. It is a heavy use campground, so weekends seem to be pretty busy, and I don’t think that would be my cup of tea.  There is good riding and it is very scenic!

No telling were will will go next yearSabinosa Wilderness? Mills Canyon Rim Campground?

We live in a state with a lot of fabulous locations to explore!

This weekend is my Practical Trail Clinic at the Trout Stalker Ranch in Chama!