Jun 072019

By Patty Wilber

Atti’s back and is completely recovered from her leg strain! We are going to the NMApHC’s  50Th Anniversary  Roadrunner show at Expo New Mexico this weekend. We will do the ranch events as well as egg on a spoon and discipline rail, just for arena experience.

As you may know, Atti has definite opinions about things, and I would like to make sure her opinion and mine are being pulled from the same pickle jar before we get to our pointed classes!

She has only been back 10 days, but she is riding well and her lead changes improved with time off! She still might drag a lead, but they are improved!

She is also happy to be hanging out with LT, Lucy and Stella.

I was rinsing Lucy, and of course Atti had to come to the fence to find out what the heck I was doing and why it did not involve her.  She stuck her nose to me and I let water spray her face, which she liked!  Goofball.

I was not fast enough to get the picture, so we are stuck with this. The water is hitting her here, too!

Atti and Lucy will be having a two-night slumber party at the fairgrounds, even though it is only 15 miles from our house.  Another chance for a growth!

They are doing green trail, jr trail, jr ranch trail, ranch riding, ranch reining (Lucy’s spins are a bit suspect, but lead changes are easy for her), and ranch conformation.  Atti is also doing ranch rail and the fun classes mentioned above!

It should be an entertaining weekend!

There are no cows at this show, but in July and August, they are both going down the fence!


In other watery news, on Monday four BCH’ers (and their equines) made it to Spruce Spring in the Manzano Mountains.  It is running well and there is some spraying going on there. It looks as though someone (like a bear) tried to take a bite out of the hose.  (I took Penny.)

The repair should be easy…if one would happen to know the size of the hose.  It is the black size.  It is bigger than a standard garden hose, by a little.  It is about “this” big.  Make an O with one’s fingers.

I guess we will need to make another trip.

Spruce Trail is clear to the top.  Red Canyon has some larger down trees near the top, apparently.


Happy Friday!

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  1. Yayyy, Atti! Welcome back!

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