Apr 032019

by Doranna

Samhain Heartsong is complete, and it feels weird that story posts aren’t going out on a schedule any more.

So then…what next?  So many choices!  So many decisions.  HELP ME!

Do you like the online fiction? 

If no, I really want to know.  I want to focus my blog time on things that people enjoy!

If yes…

  • Did you like the regular, frequent installments?
  • Or would you prefer a longer piece all at once, less frequently?

And if yes, what would you like to see? 

  • More short stories?
  • Available novel excerpts?
  • Random jots from work in progress that might not even show up in the finished product?  (This would take all my nerve, though.)
  • Something I’m not thinking of that you might like?

So, simple as that.


  5 Responses to “Free Fiction: What Next?”

  1. Hi-Thank you for your emails and freebies. To answer your questions, my preference would be all at once, and a short story. I get frustrated if I enjoy what I am reading but only get a snippet. I have not yet read Samhain Heartsong because I wanted to wait until it was complete so I could read the whole story at once.

  2. I enjoy the regular, frequent installments, rather than the longer and less frequent ones. Short stories are good.

  3. I really enjoyed the short story in small, frequent postings.

  4. I like the installments. I have time to read them whereas having the whole thing is overwhelming given my reading choices are my phone or my computer and my phone isn’t great with the blog format.

  5. Yes, I liked it! A lot! To my own surprise, I enjoyed reading Samhain Heartsong in snippets…it forced me to stop and think about what had happened in each segment instead of (as I always do with “whole” things) make a crashing run to the end to find out what happened and then go back through…only I usually don’t go back through with short pieces. A couple of times I missed a day and could then read two at once, but the “prey drive” that pushes me to the end was less. Kind of relaxing. OTOH, I don’t know that I would like it with everything, since usually…I just want to gulp my dessert down.

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