Jan 252019

By Patty Wilber

I drove home from the college on Tuesday hoping that the “less than 0.1 inches of snow” was the correct forecast for our place and found we had about 3 or 4 inches and it was still snowing.

So much for my grand plan to ride four horses in my previously perfect arena.

It wasn’t that cold though, and it wasn’t windy, so as soon as the snow quit (around 4 pm), I headed out.

The sun was trying to come through and the lighting was so pretty, I took a few pictures before going to the arena with Atti in the hopes of exposing some sand!

Durango, Ellie and Indy.

View to the south.

She was so full of herself I decided to lunge her, which I never do!  She let off some steam and as a side benefit, churned up some sand, which will help the arena melt off.

This really started out to be a picture of the barn roof, but it was too far away. I included it because you can see the tracks in the arena that tomorrow, with sun, will help the arena melt off!

I tried working on Atti’s flying lead changes (because her snow rims kept her feet clear!), but my snow boots are too bulky for spurs, so we did transitions instead and then went out on the trail.

The snow on the barn roof was just so interesting!

It was really beautiful out on the trail!

The snow, rocks and lichen reminded me of a Bev Doolittle painting

Bev Doolittle has some cool paint horses in the snow and rock images.

Atti! Yay for the snow rims!

We get some really stunning sun sets over the mountains, but my phone camera doesn’t capture them that well. Oh and maybe I should not even be out at dusk as we think there is a mountain lion in the neighborhood–I just remembered that…

I sure hope it is sunny Wednesday so my arena clears up enough to have good footing for the greener horses.

Progress has been so slow with them because the weather has been so wintery!

But if this moisture keeps up, we will have really nice spring flowers!

Wednesday!  Wish granted on the arena.  The snow was melted!

Ellie likes the sand!