Jan 182019

By Patty Wilber

I am not a Lady Long Rider, and after 2.5 minutes of consideration, I don’t want to be one, either.

But, I sure enjoyed Bernice Ende’s Lady Long Rider book tour talk, and had the added luck of lunch with her and her sister (my dear friend Mary Ann) last week. Click the above link go to her website!

Last year, I bought one of Bernice’s old Tucker saddles with 10,000+ Bernice miles on it, so I have a little piece of Lady Long Rider History right in my tack room. I have a greater appreciation for the stories the saddle experienced after spending some time with Bernice!

The saddle fits Penny and Indy pretty well, and I like it for them for Back Country Horsemen projects.

This year, I bought Bernice’s book (less costly than a saddle), and I think it is a book that anyone who has ridden a trail would enjoy.  Click here to order and sign up for blog alerts.

There are many articles about Bernice, because, duh, how many women have spend 14 years riding across the country, largely alone?  There is a documentary in the works.

Check out her website! Search the web!

A Long Ride is defined by the Long Riders Guild as over 1000 miles. We did 100 (some crazy) miles in Chile, I have done 20+ mile days in the Pecos (with Mary Ann), have done horse packing without a stove, do a lot  with the Back Country Horsemen, and I ride nearly every day, sometimes even in bad weather, but I am not a Lady Long Rider.

I think the most important reason is that, while I do like some level of adventure, (I ride cow horses and do colt starting after all), I like my own bed, knowing where my next meal is coming from, heat and hot showers.  I really like hot showers. Wait, that was four reasons!

Bernice’s adventures and willingness to push herself  to and beyond ordinary limits, is and continues to be, amazing and inspiring at a very emotional and visceral level (if that makes sense).

I am looking forward to reading more about them in my favorite chair and seeing her on her next swing through New Mexico.

Happy Trails from me and Lucy.