Dec 212018

By Patty Wilber

Christmas is just around the bend and the horses were just so excited to get their annual Christmas Hats pictures!

Lucy had a little panic attack when I tried to put the blonde braids on her.  “i am canadian! not swedish!” she said.

Durango and Penny threw theirs off at first, but I persisted!

LT and Indy’s first shots were inadequate so I had to redo them.

There are nine horses featured this year. Eight are Appaloosas and one is a Spanish Barb.  The answer is at the end!

Merry Christmas from the two good old guys: Durango-17ish (L), Comet-21  (R) and Mary Ann, who was once told she is very spry for her age (I think she is 29)!

Miss Attitude who belongs to John and Judith Huchton nearly got fired from the training barn on Wednesday morning because she went well out of her way to find my coffee mug, knock it over, and DRINK MY COFFEE! She is sticking her tongue out at me to rub it in. “appy holidays!” she says. “i may be a pest, but i am never boring!”

appy holidays! i am ellie! i am Atti’s half sister and i also belong to John and Judith Huchton.  i tried to lick patty’s coffee mug, too, but patty rescued it.  taste for coffee might be genetic!

i am val. i came from california and i am not a valley girl despite my name. merry Christmas! i belong to Whispering Spirit Ranch. i am eight but my previous life was lacking excitement, so i am getting used to lots of it at patty’s. i look good in that hat!

“these crazy hats!” says Penny.

ok, ok, I will stand still, only because of that elf shadow on my neck. could i get a shadow tattoo for Christmas? just kidding. merry Christmas everyone! i get to see my girl sydney for Christmas!

Lucy says: “appy holidays! the braids on that other hat scared me, so i got to wear this one! i am two. do we have do this every year?” (answer: Yes, pretty much!)

LT says, “merry Christmas!”

Indy says,  “Appy Holidays!”

The Spanish Barb is the 21-year old bay that Mary Ann is riding.  Penny is a solid red dun, non-characteristic Appaloosa. No white sclera, no mottling of her skin, no striped hooves and no coat pattern.

Indy and Lucy are Appaloosa roans.  Lucy has two of the LP genes and is much whiter because of that.  Indy has only one LP gene and her roaning is less intense.

Durango, Val and Ellie all have a lot of white over their hips against a red background and look more like what many people consider a typical Appaloosa.

Atti is a light palomino with roaning and white hip, but because her base color is so close to white, it is hard to see her coat pattern!

LT is a buckskin and she has spots over her hip in both white and brown.  She is super shiny in the summer and I think she has a pearl gene!

Merry Christmas!  Appy New Year!