Nov 022018

By Patty Wilber

I went to Golden Open Space last Friday with four friends.  There was water in the arroyo that is normally dry and we had some gold cottonwoods–which were not the source of the name!

The water.  We got nearly two inches of rain last week, which seems like a huge amount here considering that our annual precipitation is around 16 inches at my place and only 8 inches in Albuquerque. The amount that we had actually caused live water to be running down the arroyos at the open space.  If you live in a wet area, this excitement may seem ludicrous, but to use desert rats, any running water is a thing.  A big thing!

Siri on Tabooli riding along WATER!

I know our 2 inches was a mere dribble compared to the hurricane drenched states where 30 to 50 inches fell in a matter of days.  If that happened here, all the houses might literally wash away.  Our soil just could not handle it.

Photographs.  According to one analysis, people that take pictures have more fun than those that do not snap away. Apparently, the photographers are invested in observing their surroundings, which apparently increases engagement and enjoyment.

But trying to arrange one’s friends on horseback…ay.

Drat. The shadow messes it up! “Hey! Can you all move to the south? Better lighting!”

That seemed like an easy change…

Tulip, far left, giving me the lip!

Patty Shuert got there first and seemed to understand the whole of idea of “photo op”.  I mean, she is at least facing the right direction!

Ok, now at least they are all pointing the same general location, but Mary Ann is behind a tree and Siri is behind everyone else…


Ok, now everyone is facing forward!  Tulip, on the left, has declined to pose.

Tulip is eating a bush!

Mary Ann finally got Tulip to participate in posing, but I seemed to have lost the focus of the rest of the team!  LOL!  The setting is gorgeous, the horses are gorgeous and we are having a good time!

There is water at this spot year round! Patty, Siri and Lily in the back.  Mary Ann in the front.  Fun times!!

And now for a few more instances of “engagement”!


It rained some more! Atti fell in a mud puddle while being mean to Lucy.  I was not super sympathetic!

Lucy’s britchen came. Atti is observing carefully!

Cloud got rescued just in time for his winter hair coat to have nutrition to come in pretty healthy! He is looking like a new man! He also is feeling his “oats” as it were, and was not so keen on picking up his feet as he was when he had no energy to argue!

Thanks Walkin N Circles for all you are doing! Bottom two photos of Cloud by Mary Ann Shinnick.

Sept. 2018


10/30/18 Wow!  Amazing what groceries can do!

Anna and Sven (a.k.a. Cometa and Mary Ann) snatched the costume contest from the hooves of the kids at the Walkin N Circles show last Saturday.  Mary Ann might have felt a little guilty about that, but look at that outfit!

Anna and Sven, costume contest winners! Engaging photo by Roger Shinnick!



  2 Responses to “Photographing Friends, on Horseback”

  1. You are hogging all the fun!

  2. Cloud’s looking great! Atti with a “mud shadow” looks ridiculous and I think she knows it. Lucy seems to be OK with the britchen; hope that continues. I love all the trail pictures–what beautiful country and capable riders and horses!

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