Aug 172018

By Patty Wilber

On Tuesday, we got up at 4 am to make our 5 am cast off for our fishing for silvers trip on the Kasilof River, on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.  There was a bit of road construction so we called to alert our guides that we were running a few minutes late…and we found out that we were actually scheduled for Wednesday…We went ahead and got the lay of the launch site.

Then we went home, took a nap, ate, and went canoeing.

My sister and I hiked around the little lake, paddled around the little lake and practiced our air guitar.

On Wednesday, we got up at 4 am to to make our 5 am cast off for our fishing for silvers on the Kasilof River.  Only this time, we actually went. My sister Kathy, my brother Mike, me, and my niece Maryanne all went in one boat and Jim and our son-in-law, Rick, went with two other guys in another boat.

Our boat mainly used the bumping technique:  Put some salmon eggs on the hook, weight down the line a bit and bump the eggs along the bottom.

We got a bunch of strikes!

Kathy with an early try!

But our fish kept falling off our hooks.  BECAUSE, after the strike, you have to set the hook.

We got better!

My niece, Maryanne.

My sister, Kathy.

Me! This guy was big for a Silver (= Coho)! Our guide even took a picture! I set the hook correctly! It was a very exciting day, except for my brother, who did not catch anything. He still had fun! He was with his annoying older sisters after all!

Between all of us, including Rick and Jim, we got 52.7 pounds of filet meat!  We took it to a fish processing place and will haul our share (almost 18 pounds!) home on the plane.

The total cost per pound?  Well, a lot.

The experience?  Priceless!


Today is wedding prep and tomorrow Mark and Erika get married!

  2 Responses to “Big Fish Tale”

  1. Gorgeous fish! I’m impressed!

  2. Clearly this whole trip sucks and the scenery is a complete wash. You will be forced into a do-over, and maybe another one after that…

    (Congratulations, Mark & Erika!)

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