Aug 102018

By Patty Wilber

Chapter 17 of Callie’s Star is up!

We did it! The New Mexico Appaloosa Horse Club sponsored Fourth Annual All Breed, Appaloosa and Quarter Horse Red Hot Ranch Horse Challenge  and Second Annual Ranch Pleasure Challenge is in the books!

The Red Hot Challenge winner of $1000 was Katherine Arnold with Deal a Little Lena, for the third year in a row!

Katherine and Lena. Photo from 2018, by Ed Armstrong.

Cody Crow was reserve on Peptos Blue Oak ($500)

The Ranch Pleasure Challenge winner of $1000 was Natalie Baca and SSSmokin Z06!

Natalie and Z. Photo by Joy Roberts.

Amada Mayfield on RO Sissy’s Winner ($500) was reserve in the Ranch Pleasure Challenge and earned the non-pro money ($200)  in the Red Hot! They were the only team to place in both challenges!

We had 333 class entries!  We had 87 stall nights; nearly 50 cattle goes; and seventy reining and ranch reining entries. We gave away $4600 in added prize money for the Challenges  and $900 for Appaloosa cow horses. We would have given $5000, but we had NO YOUTH.  We could use some youth for next year!

Our Sponsors this year were:
Dr. John and Judith Huchton
Patty and Jim Wilber
Mallory Ollisar
Aviation 360
Tillery Chevrolet
Scott and Joy Roberts
Western Mercantile in Tijeras
Tom Jackson, Sr., Jackson Ranch
Cheryl Pozzi, Whispering Spirit Ranch
Totsye Winslow
Nancy Sather
Ardith Montano
Old Mill Farm and Ranch
Heather McLevin, Thunderstruck Ranch

There were also jackpots, road runner trophies, wine for the best down the fence score (You CD signs and Cody Crow), and a cool halter for the best Appaloosa in the Red Hot (You CD signs and Ardith Montano).

As long as I am thanking people, the NM Appaloosa Board did all sorts of things to make this work, from behind the scenes planning, donating personal funds, and then being around to help at the show itself.  What great team work! And thank-goodness we don’t put on too many big shows!

Evelyn Huff was our show secretary extraordinaire and she also did the leg work to allow us to have the AQHA specialty shows along with our Appaloosa and all breed classes.  Then she calculated all the jackpots for us.  We cannot thank her enough!

Suzette Brooks designed the spread sheet to calculate the Challenge prize winners.  Then she entered all the data during the show.  She is amazing and makes so few entry errors (like none) that auditing is pretty boring.

Ed Krauss volunteered his time and a horse to help run our ranch cutting practice and the ranch cutting class.  Next year maybe we will have Appaloosa ranch cutting. We probably can’t add AQHA ranch cutting due to limitations of a specialty show.

We had so much rain the week before the show that the three outdoor arenas were underwater (the NM EXPO got one in shape for us to use and we had the indoor horse arena).  There was so much water there were live streams all over the fair grounds–who knew people were going to accomplish water crossings as well as get to show?!

We had to switch our cow venue to the indoor arena and made a run up to my place Friday to get panels to make that work.

The cattle barely made it as the ranch road between the cattle and paved road washed out and our cattle contractor had to fix that before he could get the beasties to us!

Our ranch trail pattern (I found out on Thursday night–thank-you Evelyn!) did not meet AQHA rules (which are different than ApHC rules), so I worked with our graphics whiz Lauren, and then ended up modifying the log drag bit more with my finger on my phone in Messenger. It was not the most beautiful edit, but it worked. And who knew there was an edit feature in Messenger?!

Survived those issues, so we started competing, and it sure went well!  Our gate people really kept things moving and our Judges (Delena Doyle, Cindy Chilton Moore and Linda Long), did too.

Still, with the number of entries, we ran from 8 am to 9:30 pm Saturday and 8 am to about 5:30 pm Sunday, with very few breaks.

So, next year…do we need another half day???

Do we need our own website in addition to our facebook page?

I wish we had a photographer–I need more pictures for the FB page!

We DO need a Corporate Sponsor.


I got to show!  I was going to show LT and Atti, but Atti took up a lot of time initially, so I just went with her.

We were just out of the money in the Ranch Pleasure Challenge!

I knew the ditch in the trail pattern would be an issue.  Atti worries when she is in a new location.  We ride out on the trails here several times per week.  No troubles.  New venue, but similar stuff?


That ditch, oh my, horse eating monstrosity.  After negotiating it perhaps 50 times, we had it down and even helped another competitor get across (they went on to kick butt in their class, and we got two firsts in our class!)

Overall, Judith Huchton’s Atti got points in every pointed ApHC class we entered!  (ranch rail, ranch trail, ranch reining, ranch riding).

I am very proud of this pretty pony!

Cutting practice. She can flex at the poll like a champ in a correction bit, but I still ride her two-handed so cannot show her and be legal in it yet (would have to ride one handed). Am also considering a bosal for showing for next year!

“Helping” at the stall.

i dropped my rake!

What a fun weekend! Especially since it all ended up working!

Now on to Alaska–got a wedding to attend!