Mar 022018

By Patty Wilber

First off, thanks to Dr. Stacie Boswell for her help on last week’s blog!


So, I get to coach a drill team out at 4 Winds Equestrian!

We have only had one introductory meeting so our first real practice is coming up!

I have been checking out videos and this one

was pretty amazing.  What an intricate pattern!

They are young, so maybe they have longer attention spans than we that are longer in the teeth!  Our initial patterns are going to be shorter and mostly walk trot.

In addition to these speedy flowing patterns, I think it will also be fun to do some things that look more like precision marching. I could not find any precision marching horse videos, so hey, we could be the first!

Imagine something like this, only with horses…and easier… to start with.

To that end, we will work on body control basics like move the shoulder, move the hip, stop, back, and sideways and then start to combine movements and patterns in groups of riders!

A big side benefit of focussing on the group maneuvers on horseback is that it can sharpen the horse and rider skill set without anyone really “working” on it.

This should be a fun! 

And who knows, maybe we will even do an exhibition sometime!