Jan 262018

By Patty Wilber

I have the privilege of of judging the Trail Classes at the Walkin N Circles Fuzzy Show Fundraiser February 17th!   Last year, the show raised over $2,000. Click the link for more information, or just show up to show! (There is a $20 break if you pre-enter–55 bucks for the whole day!)

Walkin N Circles is a horse rescue that in 2017 adopted out over 45 horses!

I just spend 20 minutes checking out their adoptable horses page. When I was a kid (in the dark ages before the Internet) I used to read the horse want-ads.  This is a BIG upgrade from want ads. The website has beautiful photographs and descriptions of the horses.

Of course, I found several horses that I fantasized for a minute about bringing over, because I have so much extra time.  NOT.  LT is currently the barefoot boss mare (boss of Indy and Atti, only) on vacation for a few more weeks until the days get longer and I have more riding hours!  Too bad for her: she is not barefoot on vacation at the beach!

Ok, back to the show!  It will be low pressure and lots of fun.  It will be at the Edgewood Arena, in Edgewood, NM, Feb. 17th and will start at 9 am.  Hopefully the weather will be great!

The Edgewood Arena is a public arena that also has a nice obstacle course that is perfect to use for the walk-trot trail pattern.   There will be 9 and under, 10-18, 19 and over, and in hand classes.

Trail courses in a typical show include things like negotiating logs, backing through things, walking over a bridge, turning around in a small area, opening a gate, side passing.  We will have this sort of thing, as well as the cowboy curtain made of pool noodles!

The show is not all trail classes!  There will be arena classes as well.

Did I mention that it will be low key and lots of fun?  And ALL the income goes directly to Walkin N Circles for the horses, so if you don’t want to show, sign up (click the first link above) and donate instead!



  • EMoonTX

    Sounds like fun, all right. Way too far away for me, so I hope someone will take pictures and let you post some here, since you’re going to be BUSY with the judging.

    My new horse is busy learning things with me (and I’m learning things with her)…entirely on the ground still, but the saddle fitting appointment is next week. After that (and finding and buying the *actual saddle*) I’ll be back on a horse and working toward building a good riding, not just pedestrian, relationship. She’s an easy mare to work with; earlier this week I got home from choir after ten pm, decided it was too chilly (and due to get colder) to leave her without a blanket, and she stood like a statue while I put the blanket on with the glow from carport lights and my little head-lamp. I have never had a horse this unfussy about having blankets go on and off. We do a half hour or so once or twice a day of ground work (except today–splitting headache from the weather, so it was just grooming, and moving her around a little, and leaning on the gate chatting while she tried to guilt me out of some carrot pieces. (Not today. In your manger as part of your feed, but not as reinforcers.)

  • CMH

    The arena address is 97 W Frontage Rd, Edgewood, NM 87015

  • Patty


  • Patty

    It sounds like she has a great personality. And of course she is a lovely buckskin! Too bad you don’t live closer! I would love to meet her in person! I had a longer day than planned at the college, but came home and hauled Indy and Ms. Attitude to the Edgewood arena. I had to lunge Indy as she was just too jumpy. 25 foot trot circles while I walked the entire arena, both ways! It was a good idea, though because it gave her a chance to move, and also to see the whole arena. Now that her bone chip is gone, she is more interested in moving than she was before. Atti also went and I just got on and rode! Did have to get off and apply the backing therapy once when a new horse showed up that Atti found so distracting that she forgot how to listen. But other than that, she did a really fine job! Off to work cows tomorrow!

  • Doranna

    It’s a beautiful web site, indeed! I’ve spent some time there lately…