Jan 122018

By Patty Wilber

In December, Jim and I went hiking in the Ojito Wilderness.  We accessed it via Cabezon Road and hiked the Hoodoo Trail (red dot and line)  over by Bernalillito Mesa.

The hoodoos are surreal, like being in a different dimension, but as far as horseback riding, it is a short trail.

So, Tuesday, us ladies in our big trucks (cuz we might be AARP age, but we are formidable, especially in a group) went on US 550 3.5 miles past San Ysidro to the gray road on the map. We went in the green gate and parked right there.  Then, we followed that gray road on horseback into the Ojito and saw a different side of it.

Marianne, Siri, Linda, and Lily.

Some people might crave green and trees, but New Mexico’s space and sky and rock fill me right up.

Me and Penny. Photo by Marianne Randall.

 Two of our horses started off a little fresh.

“whoo whee!” says Zuni, Lily’s gorgeous five year old Azteca. “but, um, is that water?  i don’t do water.”  “That’s what you think!” we told him.  “You will!” And he did!








The trail we chose was flat and mainly sandy for about four miles.  We did a few excursions off the main route, but we elected not to go down into any of the deep arroyos or up any of the rock formations.  We went for a low key, admire the scenery, sort of day.

It felt just right!

Except, we chose, for some oddball reason, to leave the parking area at around 11 am, sans lunches, for our nine mile ride.

We were regretting the lack of sustenance by the time we got back!

We sat in the sun by a cliff  and laughed and ate while the horses hung out.  Rio (left) kept his eyes peeled for any incoming anything.  Penny mostly slept since Rio was on it.

I sometimes think of my mom on days like this.  She wanted me to play tennis in part because her tennis friends became her lifelong friends.  Turns out this horseback riding thing works, too!

Thank-you for such a fine day, my friends, old and new!