Jan 052018

By Patty Wilber

u can tell we are show girls because we keep our tails up!











Patty says: Our first show of 2018 is Jan 7.  We are going to the New Mexico Buckskin Shaggy show and we are bringing three mares. One of them likes other horses.  The other two…depends.  Hope they all survive the trip down and the day tied to the trailer, near each other.

The three suspects are:

Penny, Indy and Atti (short for Attitude…)

Here is what they have to say.








i am 11 this year! i am not quite as long in the tooth (literally) as cometa who is 21 this year. but back to me.  sydney came home over Christmas and that really helped to get me closer to show shape. jordyn helped this week, too.  lori is the one that gets to show me tho, and i have not decided if i will make her life easy or not.  it might depend on where i have to stand tied. i might try to kick indy at the show if she is tied too close to me.  i am her boss in our pen, but she is bratty.

i have not been hitting any logs when we practice trotting over those and i kept my neck level during all my transitions on thursday.  patty liked that.   patty says i am like a tractor on the trail.  i motor up and motor down all the steep stuff with steady power, and i don’t trip.  too bad they don’t have a class called “steep and rocky”!









i started off pretty well last year when i was three, but then had a few setbacks, so patty says we are starting over, but that is ok, since she is mine.  i am feeling a whole lot better since i got that bone chip out of my left hock.  i think i might even try sliding stops this year.  last year i wouldn’t do those because it felt too weird on my hock!  i am also starting to figure out the cows a little bit more.  patty really likes that, but sometimes i think it is sort of a lot of work and those cows always try to run away.  that makes me mad, so this week i decided to try to kick one of the cows.  apparently that is bad form.

i liked the walk-trot trail classes we did last year, so i can’t wait to try that this year.  i did a couple of flying lead changes and i can doing two in a row reining spins pretty well.  patty says we might not do reining yet because you have to do four in a row spins, but we will box a cow!


i am pretty cute standing here. but remember my name is “attitude”








i have big butt and i will not lie, but sometimes i am also a bit of a butthead. at ed’s working cows this week i was pretty darn awesome right to left, but i didn’t feel like turning left with a cow. 

so, i didn’t. 

i am going to sign up for boxing at the show. i will surprise patty and my owners on sunday by either being great or awful.  i did just turn three, so i guess i have to start stepping up, whatever that means. it might mean i have to stop hitting the practice logs.  they are painted blue and white and sometimes i get blue paint on my hooves when i knock them.

on the plus side, patty thinks i have “potential”.  she thought that about LT, who was tiny and kind of spazzy at three. and she was right, so there is that.

i am not sure where i want to stand at the trailer at the show. i like other horses. penny and indy don’t like to be crowded, but there was the one time that penny took care of me when I was scared.  she let me bump right up against her at the trailer.  she never lets anyone do that!

Patty: It will be an adventure!