Dec 292017

By Patty Wilber

Yes, it is time for the Year in Review in rhyming form.  Some of them are really forced, just to warn you!  This year instead of going through all the horses, I am going to rhyme month by month.  Here we go!

January, 2017

We took a great trip:  Cochise Stronghold ,
We went with a fun group and were sold!
We rode in the rocks and we hiked in them, too.
These friends are all moving! We say BOO HOO!

L to R: Melissa, Sid, Stacie

Justin and Ruby. Miriam on the horse.

February, 2017

There once was a horse in Tijeras,
Who is very near and dear to us,
She was supposed to win prizes,
of all different sizes,
But had problems that dwarfed a lesion hamartomatous.

“Hamartomatous” describes certain types of lesions and I came across the word when using Rhyme Zone to find a rhyme to “us”…

Indy’s issues included a ripped abdomen in February and OCD (bone chip) surgery in July. She is 100% now and doing great. We are starting over for 2018!!

March, 2017

In March, the weather was warmer,
Though I still had to wear Under Armor.
On my hands there were gloves.

We rode with the Horsemen, Back Country,
My gal pals and I scouted chummily.
Both are groups that I loves!

April, 2017

In April we did sheep shearing,
There were also some goats on site.
On those we did toe trimming,
And it nearly took all of our might!

Ok, so Justin did the shearing and Sid did the toes.  Jim and I did sheep herding, to and from the shearing.  We got some wool from these very sheep this Christmas for Mark’s fiance’s sister!

May, 2017

LT saw action in the month of May,
when the girls went camping for three days.
And we saw a blue whale in the bay
Off Santa Barbara, not Monterey.

June, 2017

There once was a hitch on a truck
which on  a dirt road went amok
a hole they did hit
and the hitch broke a bit
But it all held together: good luck!










July, 2017

I got some old trailer mats.
They went under the bath tubs like that.
Now we have “feeders” that are really quite styling
and we can say we’re recycling!







August, 2017

We had to travel to isle of Oahu, Hawaii
Because of the one called little Leilani
She was born in July, but it wasn’t until August
that I saw her and found she is flawless!

Leilani just a few days old!










Leilani on Christmas!








The Appaloosa Club also had the Red Hot show
That will be held  in 2018, too, doncha know
It will have cows and trail and ranch pleasure, too.
It will be a blast through and through.

The overall winner for 2017, Katherine Arnold!!






September, 2017

We miss you, wild man.







October, 2017

October was quite diverse.
LT showed she was not averse
to controlling cows in the show pen.
I shot two grouse and will try again.
I did a horse clinic with Elise and Mike
It was fun and I did like!

November, 2017

November found us riding cold
and writing lists, it must be told,
about stuff to know and stuff to do
If riding trails is for you.

November means a lot to eat
in California it was a treat
to eat the sprouts and turkey meat
with a family that can’t be beat!

December, 2017

I took some pictures with some hats
Last week you saw them, so that is that.

We kept our floors clean with the Roomba
And solidified Durango’s runny poop butt.

Son Mark earned his PhD
and Erika just moved to CO with he
And they’re getting married 8/18/18

And that is it for this year
and our adventures far and near!


My Mom, Erika, Dr. Mark and Jim near the Santa Barbara fires, early December.