Dec 222017

By Patty Wilber

Merry Christmas from our barn to you!

Sydney (who used to lease Penny) is home from college (West Virginia!) for Christmas and she came out to ride, so I solicited her help for the annual Christmas Hats blog.  I added people and a garland this year, too.  Whoo!

When Sydney had Penny, they got along well, which is saying something as Penny tends to be a bit on the grumpy side.  (No wonder people like geldings…) Penny perked her ears when she saw Syd and was obviously happy to see her. (That made two of us.)

Penny and Sydney. Merry Christmas!

Sydney took my picture!  She missed the memo on making me look 20 years younger.    LT and Indy are a bit more photogenic, as it should be.

LT left and Indy, right. Happy Holidays!

I also have two 2-year-olds that could not be more different!  As an aside, they will be considered 3-year-olds on  Jan. 1 as all horses age up on the first of the year.  Another way to say their age at this late stage of the year would be “coming 3-year-olds”.  But, back to their personalities.  Chaco is a cow-bred gelding from the Watrous Valley Ranch and on the whole he is a really easy going, laid back guy.  The other is an Appaloosa halter/performance bred mare from Ironwood Farm whose name is Attitude.  That about sums it up!  But there is an intangible something about her that I think will (eventually) shine in the ranch horse pen.  And she will watch a cow!

Atti has the hat and Chaco says, “hey! i need that hat!”

“much better,” he says. “i can get a little closer so u get a good picture!”

Atti says, “is this my good side? Merry Christmas!”

Mary Ann and Cometa. Cometa will be 20 in 2018 and he and Mary Ann make a great pair.  Cometa still gets to go to the back country with Jim sometimes, as well!

Merry Christmas!

I had to take about 40 pictures of Durango and Roger to get a good one of Durango. Durango is Roger and Mary Ann’s Appaloosa rescue horse from Walkin N Circles.  He is figuring out the routine (there isn’t one!) around here, and he gets better under saddle every ride. It looks like he gets to stay for the long haul!

This was my favorite pic of them.  Roger is working it with the shades on!

Merry Christmas!

Last but not least, is yet another Appaloosa (I like them!), Ridge.  He belongs to Lou and is here for a trail riding tune up to prepare for Back Country Horsemen rides.  After just under two weeks, he is really settling in!  He has a nice walk, is good on the rocks, and is more relaxed every day!


We hope everyone has a safe and joyous holiday season!