Dec 072017

By Patty Wilber

We have gotten a big FAIL when it comes to keeping the floors halfway clean at our house.

I wonder why?

Perhaps it is the dogs.

us? surely u don’t mean us?

Or maybe the barn dirt.

Or maybe dogs covered in barn dirt.

Or the two indoor cats (sleeping on a sweatshirt that seems suspiciously coated in barn dirt and now cat hair).

Two former Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena cats, now living the cushy life.

Or people that track in the barn dirt (perhaps on sweatshirts) even if they leave their boots in the basement.

We should sweep the basement everyday. Maybe my next life time. I keep busy sweeping at the barn!

Our solution is ROOMBA 650, a robot vacuum cleaner, which reviewers said  was good with pet hair. (I would agree.) Here is a 15 second video of Roomba at work.

We run it everyday and it wanders about the house sucking up debris  and getting stuck in the same places.  You have to keep an eye on the guy.

help! i am stuck under the cedar chest. i don’t know how that happened, again!

help! i was just trying to clean around the water bowl and got wedged under the counter. i am not sure how that happened, again!

But I do have to say that the fluffs of pet hair that used to drift into the corners and morph into full-grown, -might-as-well-be-living, dust bunnies, are now Roomba’d up or are confined to out ofsight (out of mind) under the furniture locations that Roomba can’t reach.

One day’s haul in the Roomba dust bin

A few days worth. Amazing!

For a household with an attraction to dirt and lots of pet hair, the Roomba really rocks.

Now, if the iRobot company will only pay me an advertisers fee, we can send our Roomba to Hawaii (we will chaperone) to visit Progeny #1’s Roomba (the inspiration for our Roomba conversion).