Dec 012017

By Patty Wilber

This Thanksgiving, the whole clan on the Hannon side got together in California, and as a new Granny, it was, well, ESPECIALLY AWESOME.

I am not one that is normally drawn to babies, but since she is my grandbaby and my own baby girl is her mother, I guess a whole different set of emotions come into play.  I was, once again, (just like when she was first born and we went to Hawaii), very happy to sit still and hold that sweet thing!


Having the whole immediate family together was also great because we all get along.


Except no one will stay at my sister’s house in Fremont.  We’d rather pack into every room and take up lots of floor space in my parent’s house in Livermore to get as much together time as we can in three days.  We tried to talk sis into staying, too!

And there was that one group that deviated from the meticulously planned plan to go rogue wine tasting.  They texted the two non-texters to keep us all up to date, and conveniently had their phone off when we tried to find them.  Hmmm…..

But you know, other than that, we are the perfect extended family!

We hiked.

I put this in because it reminds me of the hundreds of Back Country Horsemen trail photos I have of the backs of people and horses in a line in front of me, but without the horses!

We played our traditional games of Ninja

One, two, three, four, I declare a Ninja War! Hi-Ya!

and Scrunchie Face (a Taboo-Charades combo where we write out phrases for the players to guess such as “Turkey coma” or “The cutest grandbaby ever”, or “They went wine tasting?!”).  It is girls against the boys and the girls always win.  My brother thinks we need to start a classic phrases board.  I think we  need a winners board to keep track of how many years in a row we women win.

And finally, we got a four generations picture!

My mom, me, Maegan and that cutest grandbaby Leilani (3.5 mo old!).

And this is my grandma, my mom, me and Maegan about 28 years ago. Maegan is two.

And about 56 years ago.  My great grandma Momsy on my Dad’s side, my Grandma Hannon, my Grandma Freihaut, my mom and me.

Thanksgiving: the perfect time to be thankful for such a fabulous family!

Looking forward to next year already!