Nov 242017

By Patty Wilber

Travelling without the horses might be almost as bad as travelling with them as you have to find a horse sitter (and a dog and cat sitter) and prepare all the food in such a way that the horse sitter doesn’t have to kill themselves.

First, I make signs, and it has to be a new set of signs each time because there are new horses or new pen mates or dirt of unknown origins (maybe rodent) on the old signs.

Then, I stack up daily servings of hay for each horse. Usually, I have a would-be helper, thinking I might just give out snacks since I am in the feed room, anyway.

“i need more food,” says Durango.

Then, the supplements must be measured out.

Then, make sure the emergency information is up to date.

Then, check that the waters are all full.

Then, pull up the weather app. Oh good!  Not too cold this trip, since the winter bubblers and tank heaters are not set up.

Then, cross my fingers that all goes well while we are gone!

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!