Oct 062017

By Patty Wilber

We are heading to Camp Kingsbury (well, Jim and Richard already left) this weekend!  Jim has a bull elk tag and I am going to tag along as spotter and aim (again) at grouse hunting. I have been on two elk hunts where I had the tag, five or six javelina hunts, a deer hunt and one grouse hunt and so far I have  harvested…nothing.   We will see what happens this time.

Jim and Richard are setting up our back country camp. I hope Jim gets a picture of Richard with his string of five pack animals!  Jim will be riding Cometa and packing Penny.  I thought everyone would be happier if LT did not go without me and Indy is still in OCD rehab (and doing well).

To prepare for this year, we got a new muzzle loader, a Thompson Triumph.

Last weekend we went to sight it in with the Kingsburys. They brought all the cool toys to help with that!

After it looked good at 50 yards, I took two shots with a moderate load (so not a huge kick) and on the second shot, I was just off the bullseye to the right on the bottom target!  But, I before I hunt with this gun, I need to practice a lot more because I tend to get in a little bit of a hurry as I pull the trigger, which leads to jerking the gun.  But, since Jim has the permit this year, I have time!

After the the muzzleloaders were sighted in (Amber got hers sighted in as well), Abby was going to shoot some Tannerite. Note the box she is sitting on!  I got this shot because I wanted one of Abby shooting.  I didn’t realize she was sitting on the Tannerite box!

You really do just mix it, and shake it and shoot it.

Except in this case it was more like shoot AT it, because no one could hit the thing!  Abby did nail it one time, but I was not watching then and I missed the action!

I took a whole gob of videos.  And they all were the same: Shoot. Miss. Drat. Repeat.  I tried to figure out how to put one on a continuous loop and paste it in the blog, because that would be funnier, but did not find a way to do it, so you will have to just loop it in your mind!

Anyway, by tonight, we will all be up in the high country in the Cruces Basin near the Colorado border. Jim and Amber’s hunts start on Saturday. The rain is supposed to be done for a few days and while it will be in the 30’s and 40’s at night, it looks like 60’s during the day.  I guess we are supposed to hope for cold weather so the “elk start moving”, but I am not so fond of cold, so 60’s sounds pretty good to me!

It should be fun!

Onyx Update:

Got the halter on and tied Monday (and off, too).  We are working on “leading”, in a one step at a time sort of way. I am having a lot of fun with her!