Sep 082017

By Patty Wilber

I have let my hair get pretty long, partly because I only have to get it cut about four times a year and partly because a ponytail is easy under a hat or helmet at the barn and keeps my hair out of the way in the microbiology teaching lab. But I have been thinking I might want a change…

Given my typical day, it seems like the only sensible alternative to long is pixie short that can be fluffed out of hat head and doesn’t have to be pulled back to avoid student petri dishes growing Staphylococcus aureus or Escherichia coli.

In between pixie and ponytail are too many bobby pins and unruly, in-the-way strands. I looked up haircuts for equestrians and the discussion post I found came to the same conclusion: Pixie or ponytail.

I also began looking at my horse friend’s hair.  Many of them do have very short do’s.

Then I started checking out videos.

In case any one was considering running for Rodeo Queen, long is in, but you can enhance your natural locks with extensions or hair pieces.

The only trouble with hair pieces is that they can fall out at inopportune times such as in the show ring while working a cow…and may not be the greatest headwear when colt starting.

If one wears a helmet, all sorts of hair nets can be used to put all your hair up under the helmet.  To me that sounds uncomfortable with long hair, (and may interfere with helmet fit), but here are some tips.

Apparently for horse shows, bun forms work well with shorter locks, but for everyday wear, I need get up, get the hair out of the way, and go.

Right now it seems that for my my hair-under-a-hat-most-of-the-time-too-busy-to-bother-with-the-salon life, I should just trim a few inches and buy more hair ties.

Photo by Ed Armstrong.

Happy Friday!

  • Jackie Splintee

    Since I’ve had both (you have too), I still go with long hair being MUCH MUCH (did I say MUCH) easier! Lots of alternatives in styling, and you still have the benefit of taking time to really primp…if (ever) and when the mood or occasion strikes! Second issue for me is “To color or not to color…that is the question?”

  • Patty

    I have gone with color…it is kind of fun!

  • CMH

    It’s either gotta be SHORT or long enough to get into a pony tail without wispies at the hair line. I’m in between right now and it’s driving me insane.

  • EMoonTX

    I have long hair because I can put it up fast, and my short hair (I had it for years) is fine, curly, and unmanageable. It just frizzes and wisps out where it wants to go, and tickles my ears and forehead (and eyes, if any strand gets long enough!) Being thin, and fine, and wavy (when long; curly when short) it still escapes from control measures, but less so when long. But that’s me and my particular hair, which has been an Issue all my life. If it were thicker (number of hairs) and less fine, I would cut it really short, even though that meant more frequent trips to have it cut, but as it is…I just let it grow, off the raggedy ends twice a year and put up with it.

  • EMoonTX

    That said, it’s definitely “helmet hair” when a helmet, hat, or knit hat in winter comes off.

  • Doranna

    When my hair was uber long (longer than the girl in the middle), I braided it and piled it (unsecured) on top of my head, jammed the helmet on over. What the heck–extra padding!

  • Patty

    And I have been over ponying and broke my long hair into wisps. One just cannot win the war of the hair!!

  • Patty

    I have a lot of hair, and it looked pretty good short, but I just don’t want to spend the time and $ to keep it cute right now!

  • Patty

    That sounds…tight!