Aug 112017

By Patty Wilber

The New Mexico Appaloosa Horse Club’s Roadrunner Show with The Red Hot Ranch Horse Challenge, Ranch Pleasure Challenge, Ranch Championship Jackpot, added Appaloosa cow horse money, amazing sponsors (see the FB page)  and really fun roadrunner trophies from Ardith Williams was a blast!  So many people helped out and participated!  We doubled our entries from last year and we all nearly collapsed from the marathon length of the ranch portion of the show (8 am to 1 am).

Results are posted on the FB page. We want to do it again next year, and we have GOT to find a corporate sponsor so we can continue to have great payouts and increase our Ranch Pleasure monies.

Grand Prize $1000: Winner of the Red Hot Ranch Horse Challenge was Non-Pro Katherine Arnold on Deal A Little Lena. (She won last year, too!!) Thanks Ed Armstrong for the great pictures and graphics and combining the Ranch Championship Series with our show!  A great combination!

 Facebook is moving into Los Lunas, I hear, so that seems like a Sponsorship target! I mean we did advertise there, almost exclusively!

The show deserves its own blog, but I just became a Grandma to Leilani James Ruggles at the end of July! Pretty good timing as far as the show went!

Now I am in Hawaii and THAT is where my heart is this week!


I remember when Maegan was born. I am not known as a baby person, but as soon as she was in my arms, I was instantly snared.   I had no idea how powerfully I would be caught by that enchanting creature! (She did have that less than enchanting stretch in high school, in case you were gagging on sappiness.)

Newborn Maegan!

And now she is the Mom and we have a grand baby!

Leilani! 10 days old!!

The beach is a five minute walk from their house suggesting Leilani might become a surfer-girl, but I have scoped out  a horse-rich area only ten minutes away, so we have a chance for an equestrian!!

And it is not a bad place to HAVE to visit.

Maegan and Rick even got the granny a boogie board so I can ride the waves since my horses could’t make the trip! Next year, Leilani will be out in the water with all of us.

Maegan, Rick and Leilani on the way home from a beach trip.

Jim arrives Saturday and he will be smitten in a nanosecond!


  • Papa Bill Ruggles

    Great photos! Looks like “Tata Vivi” will be the 1st Ruggles Family rep from the Mainland to visit our 1st granddaughter (but 4th grandchild)…probably around September 6th – 20th. I’ll hold off until 1st Quarter of 2018 when Leilani is 6+ months old and the weather back East is more “beastly”. ;-)!

  • Patty

    She is a beautiful girl! I can’t wait to come back, and I haven’t even left yet!!! Vivi is going to have a fine time with sweet Leilani!

  • Vivi Ruggles

    Patty, Happy to see you are enjoying so much Leilani. I will be there in September! xoxo

  • Patty

    🙂 She is darling and a very sweet baby!!

  • Johanna Hartwig

    Yippee! Welcome, Leilani! Congrats, Granny Patty!!!

  • Patty

    Thanks, Johanna!