Aug 042017

By Patty Wilber

Ok, so at pushing 56, maybe I am no longer a girl, but “A Woman and her Tractor” sounded too staid, “Me and my Tractor” too plain, and “The Old Lady and her Tractor”… well, I am not THAT old!

We have had the tractor a few years now, and I confess, I get a big kick out of being a tractor operator! Unfortunately, my tractor-ness does not extend to tractor maintenance, so I am not a true tractor aficionado.  I have, however, come really close to tipping the thing over with a loaded bucket and have gotten it stuck (and unstuck), so that does give me some tractor creds!

I have been moving crusher fines to fill in some mud holes, and digging out the culvert after our 1.6 inches of rain event, so here are some tractor shots.

This is the “dump and smooth”. Unfortunately, if crusher fines do not have a chance to sit and pack, big rains wash them down hill. These got somewhat rearranged about two days after I put them in.

I am going to dig out the area in front of the culvert, which you can just see under the bucket.

Where’s the bucket? Down in the ditch! (You can see where I put one load of this run- off silt over by the water tank.)

Bucket full and I am backing up. Keeping the bucket as low as possible when fully loaded feels WAY more stable than raising it high over head. When high, every little bump causes the bucket to shift, stressing the arms and making the entire machine sway and the tires to feel like they might rather be viewing the sky instead of gripping the earth.

This is the exit side of the culvert. I couldn’t quite get it as cleared as I wanted because it was still too wet and there is a dead cholla in the way. Another day I will scoop out that cholla!! Of course, since I didn’t quite get the outflow fixed, that crusher fine rearranging rain also created a pond in my lovely ditch.

In addition to using the bucket, we also have an ancient drag for the arena, so I “groomed” the arena, too. That is much simpler than using the bucket.  Just attach the ol’ drag with a chain and drive in circles until the whole arena is done up in smooth sandy furrows.  It looks very pretty!

And in other news:

The Red Hot Ranch Horse Challenge I have been advertising incessantly on Facebook kicks off today and we have cattle practice tonight at 5:30! And LOTS of entries for Saturday.  I have pulled LT off of back country trail duty for a gander at some cows (Indy is out for a few weeks with a little thing–bummer–will be fine), but mostly I am planning to try to help keep the show moving smoothly so it won’t take 24 straight hours due to the number of entries.  More than double last year’s!

I got this picture of Jordyn’s dog Curry at our last lesson before Jordyn goes to college at CSU!

Met this buck on our 30 acres! Penny was ok until he decided to leave.  Then her feet got all busy and wanted to leave, too.  In the opposite direction.

AND I am off to Hawaii on Monday to meet this gorgeous creature, in person! Grand Girl #1!!

Not a bad week!