Jul 142017

By Patty Wilber

I just got a horse in to start under saddle.  He is a three year old Appaloosa, with no spots, from John and Judith Huchton.  He came last Sunday and they said he had a “big personality”, which is horse people code for “giant (but hopefully endearing) pest”.

I think they are right. I got all these pictures by Thursday!

Gunner: “u said we are done so i think it is time to take these boots off.”  He gave a try at the second boot, but it didn’t release immediately, so he went for the tarp.

“this tarp was bored sitting on the barrel” says Gunner, “so i moved it for u. i tried to cover up that boot someone left on the ground.”

I didn’t get a picture of him stealing Penny’s fly mask from across the fence and dunking it in the water trough, but I did get this.

“could someone please put this back on me? i have a fly by my eye.”

He seems to like water, too.  Or maybe just hoses.

Gunner: “hey! let’s play in the water! ooh! this makes cool squishy noises!” Me: “Yes, when you bite it as water runs though! Give me that!”  Then, “Wait, let me take your picture!” Then, ” Gunner! Don’t spray me!”

And a much more disgusting use of water…

I am sorry Gunner. We do not have flush commodes. We may be changing the water tank to an easy to tip bucket!

Back to cuter  things. He wrinkles his chin.

Chin in the “normal” position.

The “double” chin.

And finally, there is the tongue!

“what?! you don’t like my tongue? “

He is going to keep me laughing, for sure!

And in other news, we FINALLY got 0.73 inches of rain Wednesday night and over an inch on Thursday!  This is a big relief because there have been four brush fires (all of which were controlled rapidly) near our house since the first of the month.

Or the video version! (Phones are capital “A” Amazing!!)