Jun 292017

By Patty Wilber

Fly season isn’t in full buzz, just yet, but there are enough of the pesky critters crawling around the horse’s eyes, that I put fly masks on.

The horses don’t seem to mind and it makes me feel better.  Also, we have fewer instances of swollen and goopy eyes.

Of course, we have a whole variety of fly masks.  Some, we were given, and some we bought.

LT sporting a with-ears model. LT is not bothered by flies in her ears and I don’t shave the hair out of any of the horse’s ears anyway, but this mask came with ears, so there you go. Thanks Colleen for this mask.

This one is a bit big on Andy, but is in its third year of use, so it is lasting.

This is a Dura Mesh, and it is a hardy model, all right. It may be 6 or 7 years old! That is 90 in human years! The mesh is kind of stiff and these run large, so poor Penny looks a little, well, lacking in style.  Fun color though! LT is photo bombing in the back ground.

Handsome Cometa, who will be 20 July 9th, in this attractive brown model.

For looks, feel and fit, the Cashel Crusader is my favorite. Odie, who belongs to the Huchtons,  is doing a fine modelling job, except she forgot to clean her nose! This is my second year using this brand. There is a nice selection of sizes so I can get masks small enough for my small horses.  The masks are wearing well.

 Another accessory I have recently added to our horse-wear collection is neck collars from Perri’s Leather. I did not price shop, so there is likely a better deal out there, but these are pretty!

They go around the neck (hence are called neck collars…doh) and are leather. They can break or slip off if a horse were to get hung up on something.  I also got fancy brass plates with the horse’s name and our phone numbers that Perri’s engraved and attached.  In case of an emergency evacuation, oh say for fire (our major threat), the animals are “labelled”.  Plus, you can use them as a handy way to catch and lead without having to go for a halter from the tack room!

Penny with her neck collar and LT photobombing again!

Have a a nice weekend!