Apr 072017

By Patty Wilber

Andy was here as a yearling and Shelley (his breeder and owner at the time) and I took him to the World Show 2015 in lunge line and hunter in hand.  He handled all the commotion and excitement like a seasoned veteran.  We had to up his grain to INCREASE his energy level for the show.  That’s how mellow he was!

He was sold to Zoe and now he is back here as a three-year old to begin his big boy training!

He came last Saturday, and I did a little ground work with him Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

By Thursday, I was ready to get on him.

Except my neighbors were out by their own barn, minding their own business, appearing and disappearing in the trees and MOVING THINGS in and out of their horse trailer.  The nerve!

It is unusual to have activity there and Andy was flabbergasted.

ok, so i was a little distracted! i’m three.

I decided to wait one more day until I had a little better hold on his attention.

Friday, I took Indy riding with some friends and by the time we got back, it was gale force winds, which gave way to rain.

I didn’t figure rain was the best situation for the first time up.

i didn’t want to be ridden in the rain, either.

So, Saturday! I had cow work scheduled for the morning, and the afternoon free.

It snowed all day (over 0.5 inches of moisture!). No cow work.  No riding anyone. It was pretty warm, though, so the snow was melted by Sunday.

Things were puddled up on Sunday, but the round pen has sand and crusher fines in it so the footing was not slick.  I got on! Andy stood still.

Monday, I got on and we moved! Frankly, it kind of felt like an unstable boat listing this way then that as he tried to figure out how to adjust to my weight on top, but he was pretty darn quiet.

Tuesday, it snowed most of the morning, but by 5 pm it had cleared and was in the upper 40’s.  The round pen was under water so, off to the unfenced arena we went.  Got on and after a few tries got a little bit of nice even, quiet walking!  He didn’t mind the dogs hanging out and critiquing his performance and when the wind picked up to strong and gusting, he didn’t flinch even one time.

Seems like he is going to be one of those that is over the bridge, through the gate and out on the trail in a week or two!

(In fact, on Wednesday he did go over the bridge AND through the gate –although we couldn’t quite shut the gate…)

I am looking forward to out on the trail!