Feb 242017

By Patty Wilber

One morning this week.

One of the advantages of training horses is being outside a lot.  One of the advantages of living in New Mexico is the beautiful skies we have.  Just ask Georgia O’Keefe.  Of course, you will have to get in touch with her via someone who can talk to the dead.

Middle of the day.

Mid-day last Friday with Mary Ann and Siri. New Mexico has very dry air, which often means very clear vistas. I guess that is what makes the sky often seem so intensely blue here.


South from round pen.

South west from the back patio.






Looking out from the tacking up area to the southwest. That is a gutter spout,

Mostly west heading down the road to the arena,

From the hay barn, westish,

East as the moon was rising in December.

















Not a bad seat in the yard!!


In other news, Indy is not thrilled that she has to be in a pen all alone while she is healing. Her appetite is depressed. She eats her Cavalor (a feed ) and DAC oil (fat supplement)  but leaves a lot of her hay. I have been moving the vacuum crew (Cometa and Eva–they will eat anything) in to clean up her leftovers.  Indy’s main wound sutures are holding well, but the underside (lower middle in the picture) have pulled.  This was to be expected.  That area will gradually fill in over time via second intention according to Dr. Stacie.  Other than a big bald spot, Suture Girl should be ready to show again by mid March or maybe early April.









And No! I am NOT going to body clip her, because while she would look showier  if I  were to shave off her remaining winter coat, I’d need to blanket and put a hood on her to keep her warm! The hood is the killer really.  I have a hood, but I think it is way too big for her… and knowing her, she’d probably hang it up on T-post or something! Smother in bubble wrap.


That could be Indy, as the bay horse is barely visible under there, but it is not. It is an Internet ad.









Lastly, Walkin N Circles held a fun Fun Show this past weekend and I had the pleasure of judging the arena classes. They raised over $2000! And Mary Ann and Cometa won a blue ribbon in trail (which I did not judge).

Blue Ribbon Team! Mary Ann and Cometa!







Have a great weekend!