Sep 092016

By Patty Wilber

In 2013, the Jaroso Fire in the Pecos Wilderness was 100% contained on August 5th.  On Labor Day, 2013, the Back Country Horsemen rode through the fire scar on the way to our annual trip to Beatty’s Cabin. We have been back every year since.

Here are the blog links and after that, a compilation of photos.

2013: Burn n Bridge.  This is the funniest of the three, I think. It features Longshot and his non-compliant pack string ways.  Longshot (now 6) was my lead horse for 2016.

2014: Bridge Club.  This one features a bridge that we rode over this year and I must say it still looks really good in 2016! There is a picture at the bottom of the blog.

2015: Beatty’s Cabin, 2015. Lots of linseed oil in this one!

Fire scar Labor Day weekend, 2013.  The fire was contained in August and we had a lot of rain.  The amount of regrowth that occurred in a month was amazing!

IMG_2962 IMG_2969 IMG_3008 IMG_3012


Fire scar Labor Day weekend, 2014

Jaroso Burn, Labor Day, 2014.

I really slacked in 2014.  This is the only picture I seem to have of the burn scar.

Fire scar Labor Day weekend, 2015

No photos of the aspen area.  Geez. What was I thinking??  The understory is thickening year by year!

2015-09-04 Beatty's 2015 203

Jim is riding Cometa and LT is packing.

2015-09-04 Beatty's 2015 216 2015-09-04 Beatty's 2015 204 2015-09-04 Beatty's 2015 206

Fire scar Labor Day weekend, 2016. Even more ground cover and burned trees are becoming less noticeable


Longshot is checking out the mushrooms!


Same scene, one week earlier!

20160904_130932 20160904_131310 20160904_131539 20160904_131608

Here are a couple of other pictures from the trip.

The bridge we did in 2014! Still looks good! Jim is on Penny and James in on Cometa.

Longshot motoring up a steep incline with James on Cometa in tow.

Heading home. This view looking south as the trail is about to drop down to Jack’s Creek Campground always makes me catch my breath. Jim on Penny and Cometa packing.

These trails are only a two hour drive from our house!  How cool is that?